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Food Value Chain in ASEAN: Case Studies Focusing on Local Producers

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Food Value Chain in ASEAN: Case Studies Focusing on Local Producers

A key question for the bottom-up development of the food value chain (FVC) is how agri-food producers, mainly characterised by small-scale and unstable management, can improve their profitability by participating and utilising the chain. This study aims to contribute to economic development and poverty reduction in the agri-food sectors in countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by assessing the policy implications obtained from case studies of selected FVCs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Each case study provides essential policy prescriptions: increase productivity and product quality; improve resilience against external shocks; enhance vertical collaboration amongst actors in the FVC; expand market channels particularly of small-scale producers; and improve distribution and production systems to fully utilise resources.

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ERIA - RPR - 2018 - 05


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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Development of Food Value Chains in Thailand

Chapter 3. Realisation of Higher Value Added of Seng Cu Rice Value Chain in Viet Nam

Chapter 4. Analysis of Fresh Milk Value Chain in North Viet Nam

Chapter 5. Marketing Mix of Milk and Dairy Products in Peninsular Malaysia

Chapter 6. Indonesian Seafood Supply Chain

Chapter 7. Summary and Policy Implications

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