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Economic Integration in East Asia

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Economic Integration in East Asia

International production networks in manufacturing, particularly in machinery industries, have rapidly developed over the last two decades, resulting in dramatic increases in intra-regional and intra-industry trade, providing a key source of regional growth, integration and development in East Asia. This book provides a better understanding on how to effectively further increase SME participation in East Asian production networks, and in doing so identifies key challenges and issues that they need to address. This book aims to not only fill the theory-practice gap, but also to lay solid foundations for designing national arrangements and a regional institutional frameworks to further encourage and support SME engagement and participation in regional and global production networks.

The book contains several country case studies and by drawing upon individual country experiences, at various stages of economic development, this book demonstrates the varying difficulty faced by SMEs in ASEAN member countries attempting to participate in regional production networks and highlighting differences in needs and policy priorities.

This book offers both a more focused theme on the assessment of globalization and a rather unique approach by focusing upon the particular importance of SMEs, and by utilizing micro-level data at the firm or plant level. Its policy insights and the richness and uniqueness of the empirical findings will make the book an invaluable contribution to understanding East Asian production networks.

About the Book

By Charlie Harvie, Dionisius Narjoko, Sothea Oum

176 pages | 4 B/W Illus.

Series: Routledge-ERIA Studies in Development Economics

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. SMEs and Regional Production Networks
  3. SMEs and Production Networks – Framework
  4. SME Participation in Production Networks: an Analytical Framework
  5. Constraints to Growth and Firm Characteristic Determinants Of SME Participation in Production Networks
  6. Constraints on SMEs and their Participation in Production Networks: Experiences of Countries Studied 
  7. Constraints, Determinants of SMEs’ Innovation, and the Role of Government Supports
  8. Small and Medium Enterprises’ Access to Finance: Evidece from Selected Asian Economies
  9. Conclusion and Policy Recommendations

More Information

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