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To Enhance E-Commerce Enabling Connectivity in Asia

E-commerce, Globalization, Asia

To Enhance E-Commerce Enabling Connectivity in Asia

Cross-border e-commerce has been a major development trend of international trade and globalization. In the next 5-10 years, the top three fastest growing markets in the world-India, Indonesia, and Malaysia-will all come from Asia. Connectivity is the cornerstone of e-commerce development. E-commerce supporting connectivity aims to ease free information flow, logistics, free cash flow, and seamless links between the virtual and physical parts of e-commerce network. Accordingly, policy efforts include

  • increasing the supply of public goods to improve connectivity infrastructure in both physical world and cyberspace,
  • establishing rules and regulations to ensure dynamics and competition of online market place,
  • improving connectivity-drived services to generate more value added,
  • prioritizing smartphone economy and Internet financial innovation, and
  • collaboration in the region-wide e-commerce enabling environment 



09 October 2017


Connectivity, Innovation and Technology, Trade




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