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Technical Improvement Report on Energy Outlook and Energy Saving Potential in East Asia

Technical Improvement Report on Energy Outlook and Energy Saving Potential in East Asia
29 March 2018
Energy, ASEAN, East Asia

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This technical report of Energy Outlook and Saving Potential of East Asia Summit (EAS) countries aims to seriously look into how to improve data used in modelling energy demand in ASEAN countries. In the past, the outlook greatly relied on the energy data of the International Energy Agency. However, years of capacity building on energy outlook modelling in ASEAN, supported by the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, encouraged the working group to assess the quality of the national energy data, combined with the energy database of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, to be used for energy demand modelling in selected ASEAN countries. To support COP 21, the working group also set a scenario of keeping carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions frozen at the 2013 level until 2040. In this case, some EAS countries may find it challenging to determine the best energy mix while keeping CO2 levels during this period. Upscaling renewable energy, together with implementation of energy efficiency programmes, remain the key energy policy towards low-carbon economy in EAS countries.

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Full Report



Preface and Acknowledgement


List of Project Members

List of Figures & Tables

List of Abbreviations

List of Contributing Authors

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Re-estimation of Energy Demand Formula

Chapter 2.  Case Studies: Keeping CO2 emission at 2013 level by 2040

Chapter 3. Nationally Determined Contributions of EAS

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