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Large-Scale Development of Renewables in the ASEAN

Large-Scale Development of Renewables in the ASEAN
25 January 2024
ASEAN, Energy
Energy, Renewable Energy, Large-scale Deployment, Policy Barriers and Pathways, ASEAN

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This book integrates the essential aspects of economics, technology, and policy to propose practical solutions that can foster the extensive development of renewables in the ASEAN region. A distinctive feature of this book lies in its documentation, illustrating that achieving large-scale renewables deployment inevitably demands the convergence of these three distinct yet interconnected forces: economics, technology, and policy. 

The economic foundations are informed by microeconomic principles centred on economic efficiency and associated market designs, aimed at delivering short-term economic efficiency. This includes the application of auction designs and cost–benefit analysis. The pivotal role of battery technology and utility-scale batteries as enabling technologies for the large-scale deployment of renewable energy is substantiated through energy modelling techniques. 

The book places particular emphasis on identifying key policy barriers to large-scale renewable development and proposes pathways to overcome them. It underscores the significance of carbon pricing in ASEAN countries and advocates for cross-border electricity trade to enhance energy security and achieve clean energy targets. Country-specific case studies and regional case studies are employed to analyse the economic, technological, and policy dimensions of large-scale renewable development, offering valuable policy lessons and recommendations for decarbonising economic regions like the ASEAN. 

The selected case studies are meticulously chosen and supported by rigorous data analysis and modelling where appropriate. This comprehensive exploration of energy economics and policy is highly recommended for readers seeking an in-depth and robust overview of recent empirical evidence related to facilitating the large-scale development of renewables, with a specific focus on the ASEAN and Asian economies, including India and China. 

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