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ASEAN @ 50 Volume 4: Building ASEAN Community: Political-Security and Socio-cultural Reflections

ASEAN @ 50 Volume 4:  Building ASEAN Community: Political-Security and Socio-cultural Reflections
7 August 2017
Aileen Baviera, Larry Maramis

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ASEAN has gradually built, on the basis of both shared interests and common principles and norms, various practices and mechanisms that helped prevent conflict among its members and allowed it to play an autonomous role in shaping the regional security architecture. Overcoming the member states' preoccupation with their own national concerns to give way to advocacy of collective interests has remained difficult, but progress is being made. Part A of this volume looks at the processes and dynamics, challenges, and opportunities of ASEAN political-security cooperation as part of the ASEAN community-building project.

The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Vision 2025 is a powerful statement, reinforced by an ASCC Blueprint 2025 designed to engage and benefit its peoples, with purposeful actions and outcomes that are inclusive, sustainable, resilient, and dynamic. Part B examines the ASCC's progress and explores the ASCC's newest role in empowering its people, stakeholders, and institutions as it leverages issues such as social technology, faces sustainable and resilient development pathways, and designs interactive processes and services that secure regional social integration based on shared cultural values.

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Building ASEAN Community: Political-Security and Socio-Cultural Reflections

Full Report

Full Report 



4.0 Preliminary 


Integrative Chapter

4A.0 Preventing War, Building a Rules-based Order: Challenges Facing the ASEAN Political-Security Community 


4A.1 Southeast Asia and Continental and Maritime Powers in a Globalised World

4A.2 The Evolution and Limitations of ASEAN Identity

4A.3 Evolving ASEAN and Changing Roles of the TAC

4A.4 Imperatives for a New ASEAN Leadership: Integration, Community, and Balance

4A.5 Not Quite Beyond the 'ASEAN Way'? Southeast Asia's Evolution to Rules-based Management of Intra-ASEAN Differences

4A.6 ASEAN Consensus: The Intangible Heritage of Southeast Asian Diplomacy

4A.7 From Comprehensive Security to Regional Resilience: Coping with Nontraditional Security Challenges

4A.8 ASEAN and the Changing Regional Order: The ARF, ADMM, and ADMM-Plus

4A.9 ASEAN in China's Grand Strategy


Integrative Chapter

4B.0 ASEAN's Socio-cultural Community 


4B.1 Leveraging on Business, Art/Culture, Technology, and Networking in Building ASEAN's Young Generation in an Integrated ASEAN

4B.2 Enlarging the Space for the People: Whither Human Rights and Governance in ASEAN?

4B.3 Non-state Actors' Engagement with ASEAN: Current State of Play and Way Forward

4B.4 Where Do We Begin? Reclaiming and Reviving Southeast Asia's Shared Histories and Geographies

4B.5 ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Century: Innovating Education and Health Services Provision for Equity and Efficiency The Role of the Private Sector, Technology, and Regulatory Cooperation

4B.6 RICE: The 'Quiet' Tie That 'Binds' ASEAN

4B.7 Ensuring ASEAN's Sustainable and Resilient Future

4B.8 Empowering Communities and Countries to Conserve Biodiversity at the National and ASEAN Levels: Status, Challenges, and Ways Forward

4B.9 Wither Social Protection and Human Development in an Integrating ASEAN?

4B.10 The Critical Importance of Socio-cultural Community for the Future of ASEAN

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