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Towards a strategic outlook for Asean

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Note: This article was originally published in Khmer Times on 15 October 2018. The 7th ERIA Editors' Roundtable which organised by the ERIA and S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), on 7th October 2018 in Singapore was featured.

For almost a decade, the basic strategic issue for Asean has been how to position itself as the US and China grope towards a new modus vivendi. This is still the main challenge. But it is not business as usual. US-China relations have now entered a new phase of heightened long-term competition. Although competition has always been an inherent part of the relationship, from 1972 to circa 2010, the overall emphasis of US-China relations, despite some tense episodes, was on engagement. (Read the full article by using the link above).


15 October 2018


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