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Reporting Cambodia’s ASEAN Chair

'Reporting Cambodia’s ASEAN Chair’ a media event which was co-hosted by ERIA and Khmer Times was covered in several media: 

  1. ‘Cambodian Media Plays Important Role In Promoting ASEAN Vision And Goals’ on 25 May 2022
  2. ‘Information Minister Presides Over The Opening Of ERIA-Khmer Times Event’ on 25 May 2022
  3. ‘Journalists sharpen their pen at ERIA-Khmer Times workshop’ by Khmer Times on 26 May 2022
  4. ‘Cambodian media plays important role in promoting ASEAN vision and goals’ by Khmer Times on 26 May 2022
  5. ‘Rising energy demand, climate goals pose big challenge for Asean’ by Khmer Times on 31 May 2022


25 May 2022


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