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Inaugural Meeting of APEN Business Club

Inaugural Meeting of APEN Business Club

Inaugural meeting of APEN Business Club (ABC) was held in Tokyo on 21 March 2012. The 19 Japanese SMEs which have world leading high technology in specific areas and have an interest in investment and business expansion to ASEAN region participated in the meeting.
APEN Business Club is a council of APEN in order to create a platform for industry-wide network that aims to the sound development of SMEs across Asia. Mr. Shintaro Ishijima, Chairperson of APEN made opening remarks and Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura, Executive Director of ERIA made a presentation on business expansion of Japanese SMEs to ASEAN region and its significant role. Mr. Mitsuhiro Maeda, Executive Director of the Secretariat of APEN and Mr Seiichi Kawata, Chairperson of APEN Japan Chapter explained about the activities of ABC.
ERIA will promote cooperation with the APEN in terms of co-organizing Only One SME Mission, holding seminars related to industrial development and SME policy making, and implementation of Credibility Index for SME in the future.
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21 March 2012



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