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Executive Director of ERIA Meets Minister of Trade, Indonesia

Executive Director of ERIA Meets Minister of Trade, Indonesia

Prof. Hidetoshi Nishimura, Executive Director of ERIA, and Economists of ERIA paid a curtesy visit to H.E. Mr. Rahmat Gobel, Minister of Trade, Indonesia.

Firstly, Prof Nishimura expressed his congratulations to H.E. Mr. Rahmat Gobel on his recent appointment as the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia. He explained ERIA's efforts toward the realization of ASEAN Community by 2015, and introduced ERIA's recent publications such as PPP Guidelines and ASEAN Rising which draws ASEAN Economic Community's post-2015 vision and also touched upon our contributions to RCEP negotiations.

The Minister noted ERIA's efforts in addressing issues that affect regional peace, stability and economic integration. He also stressed the importance of developing coordinated action on various issues in Indonesia in the area of maritime issues, connectivity, infrastructure development and narrowing the development gaps to meet the needs and requirements of the ASEAN Community building by 2015 and beyond by making full use of the ERIA.

Prof. Nishimura said that the ERIA looks forward to working closely with the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia to further engage in cooperation based on each other's expertise.


24 December 2014



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