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ERIA Workshop on "Healthcare ICT Policy for ASEAN and East Asian Countries" Aimed at Establishing Schemes for High Quality Medical Systems

8 December 2011

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The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and the Center for International Cooperation in Computerization (CICC) successfully conducted a working group meeting on "Healthcare ICT Policy for ASEAN and East Asian Countries"

The working group meeting was held on December 7-8, 2011 at the ERIA annex office in Jakarta. Around 20 participants attended the workshop: they included medical experts, policy-makers and observers from ASEAN and 6 additional countries.

 The workshop aimed to establish schemes for high quality medical systems to promote economic growth in ASEAN and East Asian countries. As the health of citizens is a foundation for the work-force, productivity and the economy, health improvement will greatly contribute to economic growth. 

During the workshop, the participants discussed global healthcare systems and their trends, including   implications for ASEAN Countries, and ICT Status and Policy in Brunei and Indonesia. These countries were chosen as being representative of ASEAN because they have serious healthcare issues which need to be solved.

The Workshop also discussed the extent to which the "healthcare gap" leads to a "development gap" in both countries.  At present, medical care systems and medical services are different in each country.  It is necessary to establish a scheme to reduce the healthcare gap in ASEAN and East Asian countries.

To reduce the healthcare gap, it is proposed to use ICT technology which enables remote medical care (Tele-medicine) and clinical cooperation to be established quickly and efficiently.  The use of ICT can reduce the frequency of medical accidents and wrong dosages due to lack of information sharing, and it can contribute to safe and reliable medical care. 

By establishing a scheme of Tele-medicine in ASEAN, control of medical costs, industrial development and job creation are expected to be promoted.  Healthcare ICT should bring economic benefits through the improved efficiency of medical services and the creation of a novel healthcare market in both countries, and throughout the ASEAN region.

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