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4th ASEAN and ASIA Forum

4th ASEAN and ASIA Forum

Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura, Executive Director of ERIA, invited the 4th ASEAN and ASIA Forum as a speaker which was held on 4 August 2011 in Singapore.
The theme of this year is "Economy, Energy and the Environment". As Asia recovers from the global financial crisis, the patterns and nature of global and regional integration are changing. As Asia adapts to a new reality, it faces different issues and challenges which are arising from recent unexpected developments in the region and abroad.
Such challenges include the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami, which not only caused significant damage to the Japanese economy, but also had repercussions for trade and supply networks throughout Asia.ASEAN remains a complex and diverse community, and there are challenges facing continued ASEAN integration and cooperation. It is with these issues in mind that the 4th ASEAN and Asia Forum was convene a dialogue of leading thinkers.
Mr. Nishimura made a presentation on Fueling Growing and Greener East Asia - Balancing Economy, Energy and Environment- at a session 1 on Asia's Growth: Economy, Energy and Environment. Mr. Nishimura highlighted two issues, which are related to green growth in East Asia, and a new energy policy package. He also explained the importance of balancing the 3E issues (economy, environment, and energy) and raised the challenges on green growth and energy policy. In conclusion, he stressed about the importance of production networks, which have prevailed in East Asia. He added that he believe production networks can serve as basic "infrastructure" on which we share a common value to pursue green growth.
The participants shared insights and perspectives on the region's political economy, analyzed the evolving global context, and identified opportunities for the future of ASEAN and Asia.


04 August 2011



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