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2nd Workshop on "Energy Saving Potential in East Asia Region"

14 December 2010

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The 2nd Workshop on "Energy Saving Potential in East Asia Region"" was held at ERIA Office from 14 to 16 December 2010.

This workshop was divided into 2 groups, Working Group Meeting for Analysis of Energy Saving Potential in East Asia Region and Sub Working Group Meeting for Energy Efficiency Design. Both were held on the 1st and 2nd day of the meeting (14-15 December). On the 3rd day (16 December), the meeting was joint in 1 group meeting as Joint Session Meeting.

1. Outline  

-Check preliminary energy outlook results, BAU and APS, of 16 EAS countries, produced by IEEJ and ASEAN WG members

-Analysis of questionnaires from the sample survey in residential sector of ASEAN countries

-Check of results of energy saving potential analysis using a bottom-up approach such as application of specific technology  in a specific sector of a specific country presented by members of SWG

2. Progress

-10 of 16 EAS countries participated in the 2nd WG meeting in 2010 to discuss the issues described in the outline and decided on the tasks to be done by the 3rd WG meeting

3. Results/Outcomes

-Several energy outlooks (BAU and APS) indicated overestimation of energy demand, strange thermal efficiency of thermal power generation and inconsistent energy outlook number between BAU and APS.

-Regarding the sample survey, half of the questionnaires showed overestimation of electricity consumption by each appliance due to inaccurate power rating data.

-Some on energy saving potential analysis using a bottom-up approach showed apparent technological energy savings potential.

4. Way Forward

-The energy outlooks mentioned in the results/outcomes will be reviewed by the 3rd meeting.

-The questionnaires of the sample survey which showed the overestimation in the results/outcomes will be revised to apply better power rating data by the 3rd meeting.

-All energy saving potential analysis using a bottom-up approach will be reviewed at the 3rd meeting.

5. Recommendation

-Increasing capacity on assessment of energy outlook results will be a future task in ASEAN region.

-A compilation of power ratings of each appliance in ASEAN or East Asia region should be produced through appropriate engineering field studies.

Picture1: Member of Working Group for Analysis of Energy Saving Potential in East Asia Region

Picture2: Member of Sub Working Group for Energy Efficiency Design

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