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Teaching Materials for Functional Recovery Care

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Teaching Materials for Functional Recovery Care

The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), in cooperation with the Japan Society of Functional Recovery Care and Power Rehabilitation, created the teaching materials of ‘Functional Recovery Care’. This textbook and its accompanying video series is one of the ways to educate care workers as a step towards the achievement of healthy and active ageing in Asia. 

Asia is facing a massive demographic shift. By 2050, the number of people in Asia who are aged 65 or older is expected to grow to 937 million people—more than double of today's number. 

Recognising the inevitable impact this will have on the region, the Japanese government launched the Asia Health and Wellbeing Initiative (AHWIN) in 2016 to share information and resources on ageing with Asian countries. 

Japan is the fastest ageing society in the world that has grappled with the problems deriving from ageing for many years; thus, it has accumulated valuable experience and lessons. For example, The Functional Recovery Care is one of the approaches that help seniors regain their ability to live independently.


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Functional Recovery Care Text

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There are two series of short videos, the first one on the theory and the other one is on the practical methods to assist seniors in regaining their ability to live independently.

The videos are available on ERIA's Youtube Channel  or start watching the first video below.

Playlist for the Basic Theory of Japanese 'Functional Recovery Care'

Playlist for the Practical Method of Japanese 'Functional Recovery Care'


30 April 2019

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