Past Events

Seminar on The Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2017

Date:    May 09, 2017
Venue:  ERIA Office, Sentral Senayan II, 3rd – 4th Meeting Room, 5th floor, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8 Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat, 10270

Panel Discussion: How Do Economic Researchers Contribute in Policymaking?

Date:    April 18, 2017
Venue:  CSIS Auditorium, Pakarti Centre 3rd Floor, Jl. Tanah Abang 3 No. 23-27, Jakarta 10160

International Symposium on 'New Normal, Integration and Inequality'

Date:    March 07, 2017
Venue:  Ballroom, InterContinental Jakarta - MidPlaza

The 3rd Asia Cosmopolitan Awards 2017

Date:    January 15, 2017
Venue:  Nara, Japan

World Tsunami Awareness Day 2016 - Indonesia

Date:    December 15, 2016
Venue:  Ballroom 1 and 2, Fairmont Hotel, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Gelora Bung Karno, Central Jakarta, Indonesia 10270

Brunei Darussalam Halal Business Seminar

Date:    November 22, 2016
Venue:  Tokyo, Japan

ERIA-CSIS to Host Public Lecture: Asia and the Global Response to Climate Change

Date:    November 08, 2016
Venue:  CSIS Auditorium, Pakarti Centre 3rd Floor, Jl. Tanah Abang 3 No. 23-27, Jakarta 10160

A Bridge Too Far? Sceptical ruminations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Date:    May 03, 2016  - May 03, 2016
Venue:  Sentral Senayan II, 5th Floor, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8, Jakarta Pusat 10270, Indonesia

Seminar on the Role of Public Finance in Asian Infrastructure Development

Date:    April 25, 2016  - April 25, 2016
Venue:  Tokyo, Japan

Institutional Strategy and Economy Impacts by Energy Subsidy Removals

Date:    April 15, 2016  - April 15, 2016
Venue:  Bangkok, Thailand

NTM Database Inauguration Event

Date:    April 13, 2016  - April 13, 2016
Venue:  Geneva, Switzerland

OECD Global Parliamentary Network Meeting

Date:    April 12, 2016  - April 13, 2016
Venue:  Tokyo, Japan

SME Finance Preparatory

Date:    April 10, 2016  - April 10, 2016
Venue:  ERIA Office, Jakarta

Book Launch of 'Age Related Pension Expenditure and Fiscal Space' by Mukul Asher and Fauziah Zen

Date:    April 04, 2016  - April 04, 2016
Venue:  Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore

The 1st Workshop of International Migration & Development in East Asia

Date:    April 02, 2016  - April 02, 2016
Venue:  ERIA Office, Jakarta

The 2nd Working Group Meeting of Integrated, Trans-boundary Energy and Electricity Markets

Date:    April 01, 2016  - April 01, 2016
Venue:  ERIA Office, Jakarta

ERIA Seminar on "Credit Risk Database Association in Japan"

Date:    January 25, 2016
Venue:  ERIA Annex Office, Jakarta, Indonesia

ERIA-IFRI Conference: What can the ASEAN Community contribute to South East Asia and the World?

Date:    January 18, 2016  - January 19, 2016
Venue:  Paris, France

Regional Workshop on the Identification, Collection and Classification of Non-Tariff Measures for ASEAN Countries

Date:    December 15, 2015  - December 17, 2015
Venue:  Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The 4th ERIA Editors Roundtable

Date:    December 03, 2015  - December 05, 2015
Venue:  Eastin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Asia-Pacific Forum 2015

Date:    November 26, 2015
Venue:  Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta

ERIA-GOM International Symposium on Stronger ASCC, Closer ASEAN

Date:    November 16, 2015
Venue:  Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Survey Workshop Maritime Connectivity in South East Asia: "Its Role and Challenges towards Integration"

Date:    November 08, 2015
Venue:  Hotel Novotel Bogor, Indonesia

East Asia Summit (EAS) Regulatory Roundtable II Engendering GRP, Responsive Regulations and Regulatory Connectivity in ASEAN and East Asia

Date:    September 29, 2015
Venue:  Borobudur Hotel Jakarta, Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan No.1, Jakarta Pusat 10710

Low-Carbon Energy Systems and Green Growth: Implications for Regional Economic Cooperation

Date:    July 11, 2015  - July 13, 2015
Venue:  Holiday Inn, Bangkok

The 2nd ERIA Working Group Meeting on Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Due to Natural Disaster

Date:    June 29, 2015  - June 30, 2015
Venue:  Concorde Hotel, Singapore

ERIA-UPH Distinguished Seminar on Agriculture & Food Security

Date:    June 11, 2015  - June 11, 2015
Venue:  ERIA Annex Office, Jakarta, Indonesia

One Year Commemorative Event for MoU between ERIA and OECD: "Inspiring the ASEAN Community towards 2025" Symposium

Date:    May 04, 2015  - May 04, 2015
Venue:  Bali Room, Kempinski Hotel

Second Workshop of Regulatory Management

Date:    April 20, 2015  - April 21, 2015
Venue:  Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The 1st ASEAN - Japan Symposium on Disaster Management

Date:    April 02, 2015  - April 02, 2015
Venue:  Sumba Room, 3rd Floor, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

3rd Meeting of the Working Group for Preparation of Energy Outlooks and Analysis of Energy Saving Potential in East Asia Region

Date:    March 25, 2015  - March 27, 2015
Venue:  ERIA Annex Office, Jakarta, Indonesia

The 9th Annual Empirical Investigations in Trade and Investment (EITI) Conference

Date:    March 17, 2015  - March 19, 2015
Venue:  Courtyard Marriott, Nusa Dua – Bali, Indonesia

The 3rd East Asia Summit Energy Efficiency Conference

Date:    January 16, 2015  - January 16, 2015
Venue:  Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The 2nd Asia Cosmopolitan Awards

Date:    December 21, 2014  - December 22, 2014
Venue:  Nara Prefectural New Public Hall and others

Executive Leaders Initiative 2014 in Laos

Date:    December 09, 2014  - December 13, 2014
Venue:  Vientiane and Luang Prabang

ERIA CAPACITY BUILDING SEMINAR 2014 in Lao PDR "New Understandings and Some Best International Lessons on Energy Development towards Sustainability

Date:    November 28, 2014  - November 28, 2014
Venue:  Don Chan Palace Hotel Vientiane, Lao PDR

The 3rd ERIA Editors Roundtable

Date:    November 25, 2014  - November 25, 2014
Venue:  Park Royal Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar-ERIA-Harvard Symposium

Date:    October 29, 2014
Venue:  Thingaha Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

ERIA Capacity Building Seminar on Investment - Investment through the better promotion -

Date:    September 27, 2014
Venue:  Sedona Hotel or Shangri-La Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

ERIA-UPH Distinguished Lecture Series: "Trade Rules and Monetary Policy: Implications for ASEAN Member States"

Date:    June 11, 2013
Venue:  ERIA Annex Office, 5th Floor, Jakarta

Conference on Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Living

Date:    April 25, 2013
Venue:  Prince Hotel & Residence, Kuala Lumpur

The 7th Annual Conference of Empirical Investigations in Trade and Investment

Date:    March 07, 2013  - March 09, 2013
Venue:  Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The 1st Asia Cosmopolitan Awards Ceremony and Forum

Date:    December 17, 2012  - December 19, 2012
Venue:  Nara, Japan

Editor's Roundtable on ASEAN Connectivity

Date:    November 16, 2012
Venue:  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

East Asia Summit 'Energy Market Deregulation Forum'

Date:    October 23, 2012
Venue:  Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2012, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

The 1st Asia Cosmopolitan Awards "Selection Committee Meeting"

Date:    September 15, 2012
Venue:   Hotel New Otani, Tokyo

ASEAN Connectivity Symposium

Date:    September 07, 2012
Venue:  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Energy Efficiency Conference

Date:    July 31, 2012
Venue:  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Symposium on Making Human Capital and Improving Productivity

Date:    July 27, 2012
Venue:  Bangkok, Thailand

FTA Symposium on "Toward Economic Integration in ASEAN and East Asia"

Date:    April 27, 2012
Venue:  Tokyo, Japan

ERIA Sendai Symposium on "Towards a Disaster Resilient Economy in East Asia"

Date:    April 26, 2012
Venue:  Sendai, Japan

The Asia Cosmopolitan Awards Commemorative Forum in Nara

Date:    February 03, 2012
Venue:  Nara, Japan

ERIA Regional Network Forum in Fukuoka

Date:    February 01, 2012
Venue:  Fukuoka, Japan

GOI-ERIA-Harvard Symposium on "Moving ASEAN Community Forward into 2015 and Beyond".

Date:    November 01, 2011
Venue:  Jakarta, Indonesia

1st East Asia Summit Energy Efficiency Conference

Date:    August 24, 2011
Venue:  Vientiane, Lao PDR

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