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ERIA Calendar FY2012

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April 2, 20127th ASEAN Economic Community Council (20th ASEAN Summit)Phnom Penh, Cambodia
April 11, 2012Conference between Japan Section fo the ASEAN-Japan Business Council and ASEAN Ambassadors in TokyoTokyo, Japan
April 5, 20129th ASEAN Leadership Forum (sidline of 21st ASEAN Summit)Phnom Penh, Cambodia
April 22-23, 20123rd Technical Workshop on PPP Study "Public Private Partnership in ASEAN Member Countries"Tokyo, Japan
April 23, 20122nd Workshop of Energy Security IndexERIA
April 25-28, 2012ASEAN Roadshow to JapanTokyo,Japan
April 26, 2012ERIA Sendai Symposium on "Towards a Disaster Resilient Economy in East Asia"Tokyo,Japan
April 27, 2012ERIA FTA Symposium on "Toward Economic Integration in ASEAN and East Asia"Tokyo,Japan


May 8, 20124th ERIA Academic Advisory Council MeetingERIA
May 14-19, 2012Senior Economic Officials Meeting 2/43Manila, Philippines
May 29-30, 2012ERIA Capacity Building Program Phnom Penh Seminar 2012 on Major Issues and Challenges in Cambodia: Materializing the Phnom Penh AgendaPhnom Penh, Cambodia
May 30-June 1, 2012Final Workshop on the AEC Blueprint Mid Term Review ProjectERIA


June 1, 2012Final Workshop on the AEC Blueprint Mid Term Review ProjectERIA
June1, 201221st World Economic Forum on East AsiaBangkok, Thailand
June4-5, 20122nd Workshop on Energy Market IntegrationPenang, Malaysia
June10-11, 20122nd Workshop on Disaster ManagementBangkok, Thailand
June15, 2012Workshop on ASEAN+3 Partnership on ConnectivityBangkok, Thailand
June23, 20125th ERIA Governing Board MeetingJakarta, Indonesia
June25-26, 2012Conference on Moving toward a New Development Model for East Asia-The Role of Domestic Policy and Regional CooperationBeijing, China


July2-6, 201230th Senior Officials Meeting on EnergyPhnom Penh, Cambodia
July5, 2012EAS-Energy Cooperation Task Force (ECTF)Phnom Penh, Cambodia
July9-10, 2012Senior Officials Meeting of ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and ForestryYogyakarata,Indonesia
July13, 2012Roundtable Meeting on Mid-term Review of AEC BlueprintBangkok, Thailand
July20-21, 2012ASEC-FJCCIA Dialogue and related events 2012Bangkok, Thailand
July23-24,2012HLTF on ASEAN Economic IntegrationManila, Phillipines
July27, 2012Symposium on Making Human Capital and Improving Productivity by ERIABangkok, Thailand
July28, 20121st Research Institute Network (RIN) Meeting in FY2012Bangkok, Thailand
July31- August 1, 20122nd Energy Efficiency ConferencePhnom Penh, Cambodia


August1, 20122nd Energy Efficiency ConferencePhnom Penh, Cambodia
August2, 20125th ASEAN and Asia ForumSingapore
August28, 20128th ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)CouncilSiem Reap, Cambodia
August30, 2012EAS Economic Minsiters MeetingSiem Reap, Cambodia


September 7-8, 20123rd ASEAN Connectivity Symposium by ERIA, ASEC, Cambodian Ministry of Foreign AffairsPhnom Penh, Cambodia
September 12, 20126th EAS Energy Ministers MeetingPhnom Penh, Cambodia
September 12, 2012Informal Consultations between ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating Committee (ACCC) and Dialogue Partners/International OrganizationsPhnom Penh, Cambodia
September 15, 2012Asia Cosmopolitan Award Selection CommitteeTokyo, Japan
September 19, 2012LNG Producer-Consumer ConferenceTokyo, Japan
September 19-21, 2012ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2012 in VietnamHanoi, Vietnam
September 28, 2012ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2012 in MyanmarMandalay, Myanmar


October 1-2,2012ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2012 in MyanmarNai Pyi Taw, Myanmar
October 1-2, 20121st Workshop of PPP in ASEAN Member Countries Phase 2 "International Assessment to Develop PPP System in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar"Vientiane, Lao PDR
October 11, 2012ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2012 in Lao PDRVientiane, Lao PDR
October 11-12, 20121st Workshop SMEs Policy Index Phase 2Jakarta, Indonesia
October 25-26, 20121st Workshop of AEC Scorecard Phase 3Jakarta, Indonesia
Octoner EndSNEC-MFAIC-MoC-ERIA-Harvard SymposiumCambodia


November 15-16, 2012Media RoundtableCambodia
November 17,2012ASEAN Economic Community CouncilCambodia
November 18-20,201222nd ASEAN Summit and 7th East Asia SummitCambodia


December 7-8, 20121st Workshop for Microdata Project FY 2012ERIA
December 10-11, 20121st Workshop of Agriculture Supply Chain ConnectivitySiem reap, Cambodia
December 10-11, 20121st workshop ASEAN SMEs Policy Index Phase-2Jakarta, Indonesia
December 13, 20121st Workshop of Intellectual Property Policy for SMEs' DevelopmentJakarta, Indonesia
December 17-19, 20121st Asia Cosmopolitan Awards Ceremony and ForumNara, Japan
December 22, 20121st Technical Meeting of Social Safety Net (SSN) in East AsiaBangkok, Thailand


January 7, 2013Lecture at Waseda UniversityTokyo, Japan
January 13-16, 2013ERIA-APEN SME Mission to CambodiaPhnom Penh, Cambodia
January 14, 20131st Working Group Meeting for Nuclear Safety Management in East Asian CountriesERIA
January 28-29, 20132nd Workshop of AEC Scorecard Phase IIIPhnom Penh, Cambodia


February 1, 20132nd Working Group Meeting of Energy Security IndexERIA
February 3-6, 2013Japan Economic Foundation-JETRO International symposiumTokyo & Hokkaido, Japan
February 6, 2013ERIA-UPH Lecture Series: "Can Trade Barrier Effects of TBTs and SPS be reduced in support of deeper ASEAN integration?"ERIA
February 14, 2013ERIA Fukuoka Forum 2012 "Economic Integration in East Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for Japanese SMEs"Fukuoka, Japan
February 14-15, 20132nd Workshop of PPP in ASEAN Member Countries Phase 2Melbourne, Australia
February 15-16, 20132nd Workshop for Microdata Project FY 2012Chiang Mai, Thailand
February 19-20, 2013Delhi Dialogue 5New Delhi, India
February 23-24, 20132nd Workshop on Linkage between SMEs & MNCsPenang, Malaysia
February 25-26, 2013Lecture at Meiji UniversityTokyo, Japan
February 26, 2013AEM RetreatVietnam (TBA)
February 28, 20132nd Working Group Meeting of Effective Investment of Power InfrastructureERIA


March 4, 2013JETRO CSIS SeminarJakarta
March 4, 2013MCDV Industrial Working GroupYangon, Myanmar
March 7-8, 20132nd Workshop of Intellectual Property Policy for SMEs DevelopmentTokyo, Japan
March 7-9, 2013ERIA-KEIO-Empirical Investigation in Trade and Investment (EITI) ConferenceBangkok, Thailand
March 7-9, 2013AEM RetreatHanoi, Vietnam
March 18, 2013ERIA-UPH Lecture Series: 1. Global Value Chains in Service, 2. Investment LawJakarta
March 21-22, 20132nd Workshop of AEC Scorecard Phase IIIJakarta, Indonesia
March 21-22, 2013Workshop on Myanmar & The ASEAN Economic Community (organized by USAID, ASEC and NPED)Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
March 23, 2013Workshop on Potential of Content IndustryBangkok, Thailand
March 27, 2013Workshop on Distribution Infrastructure in the East-Asia RegionKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March 30-31, 2013Jakarta Seminar on Selected Strategic Papers on Myanmar Reforms and DevelopmentERIA


April 6, 20132nd Technical Meeting of Social Safety Net in East AsiaNew Delhi, India
April 6, 2013ERIA Academic Advisory Council MeetingERIA
April 8, 20132nd Nuclear Safety Management WG MeetingJapan
April 9, 2013Effective Investement of Power InfrastuctureJapan
April 10, 2013Workshop on Energy Security IndexJapan
April 10, 2013Publication Ceremony of the Report of "Countries Resilience of JapanTokyo,Japan
April 11-12, 2013Workshop on Disaster Prevention/ Management in Industrial ClustersSendai,Japan
April 11-12, 20132nd Workshop of Agriculture Supply Chain ConnectivityHanoi, Vietnam
April 22-24, 2013Energy Saving Potential Working Group MeetingKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 24-25, 201310th ASEAN Leadership ForumKuara Lumpur, Malaysia
April 24-25, 201322nd ASEAN SummitBrunei Darussalam
April 25, 2013Conference on Energy Efficiency for Sustainable LivingKuara Lumpur, Malaysia
April 26, 2013Visit of delegation led by Mr. Nikai, Former METI MinisterERIA
April 27-28, 2013Biomass Working Group MeetingJakarta
April 29-30, 20131st Workshop (Part 1) of Jakarta Framework Project FY 2012ERIA
Between 29 April-2 May, 2013ERIA-UPH Lecture Series: Agriculture and Food SecurityJakarta

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