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Facilitating ASEAN Trade in Goods

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Facilitating ASEAN Trade in Goods

To move forward trade facilitation agenda in ASEAN, this brief presents three recommendations that focus on rules of origin, transparency of non-tariff measures (NTM), and NTM streamlining. Although the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement's rules of origin have a relatively simple structure, these require supervision as recent research puts their ad valorem equivalent at about 3.40%. Meanwhile, the transparency of NTMs rests on two pillars: accurate data, and open dissemination and dynamic disciplines. Last but not least, the move for NTM streamlining should not be viewed as a trade negotiation issue because NTMs are not purely trade policy instruments.



13 December 2017


ASEAN , Trade


Lili Yan Ing, Olivier Cadot


Lili Yan Ing, Olivier Cadot

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