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Hydrogen Demand and Supply in ASEAN’s Industry Sector

Hydrogen Demand and Supply in ASEAN’s Industry Sector
16 February 2024

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The pressing challenges of climate change and the global shift towards sustainable energy have elevated the significance of research and development in clean energy. Amongst the focal points of this transition, hydrogen has emerged as a key player, driving discussions and strategies towards achieving sustainable energy goals. 

As we navigate towards a net-zero future in the coming decades, it becomes evident that hydrogen will play a pivotal role. While discussions often center around its application in the transport sector, the industrial landscape is poised to be the primary consumer of hydrogen, surpassing its use in transportation. Additionally, the exploration of hydrogen as an energy carrier and co-fuel in natural gas power generation is still in the experimental phase. 

This comprehensive study delves into the analysis of hydrogen's role as a feedstock in critical industries such as oil refining, methanol production, ammonia synthesis, and iron and steel manufacturing within the ASEAN countries and the broader region. The analysis extends its scope to project potential scenarios until the year 2050, aligning with the diverse climate ambitions of the region. 

Moreover, the book not only addresses the technical aspects but also delves into the economic and political dimensions of hydrogen utilisation. This holistic approach enables the formulation of robust policy recommendations aimed at reducing the carbon intensity associated with hydrogen use as a feedstock in the industrial sectors of ASEAN countries. 

In essence, this book serves as a vital resource for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and environmental advocates, providing valuable insights and recommendations to foster a more sustainable and low-carbon future in ASEAN's industrial landscape. 

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