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Low Carbon Future - What role for Central banks and Monterey Authorities?


Note: This article was originally published in Global Solution Journal isue 5. ERIA’s research: Low Carbon Future  - What role for Central banks and Monterey Authorities? by Dr Venkatachalam Anbumozhi was featured. 

Placing both advanced and developing countries on a low-carbon path requires an unprecedented shift in private investments and new financing models. The financial sector will have to play a central role in this low-carbon transformation, while avoiding destabilizing effects on economic systems. Central banks and other financial institutions are ready to use their extensive knowledge in lending, investment, and smart advisory services to achieve the low-carbon targets expressed in the Paris Agreement. With support from central banks, commercial and national development banks can offer diverse financing products with maximum impact and appropriate risk management.

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Low Carbon Future  - What role for Central banks and Monterey Authorities? 


01 June 2020


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