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ERIA Research Project Report 2010 No.3: Updated

ERIA Research Project Report 2010 No.3: Updated

ERIA Research Project Report 2010 No.3 "Towards a Competitive ASEAN Single Market: Sectoral Analysis" has been updated. To reach this, please click on the following link;

ERIA Research Project Report 2010 No. 3

" Towards a Competitive ASEAN Single Market : Sectoral Analysis "

Edited by Shujiro Urata, Misa Okabe

ABSTRACT: The ERIA research working group on economic integration toward an ASEAN Economic Community has conducted various studies on actual policies, and the current degree of liberalization of each issue area, in each country during the past three years. This project report for the fiscal year 2010 is the latest in the series of our research projects. The working group, which consists of experts in various field and researchers of research institutes in ASEAN 10 countries, has focused on analyses of trade in goods and services and foreign direct investment (FDI) climates, as well as skilled labor mobility among ASEAN members. In addition, by using and updating the accumulation of our studies during the past three years, it is possible to examine variations in the degree of liberalization over time. Each study aims to construct quantitative measures which are designed 1) to visualize the process of policy reforms, following the AEC blueprint; 2) to provide a framework against which milestones and end goals of each element can be defined; and 3) to evaluate the current position and progress vis-?-vis the milestones and end goals.


02 August 2011



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