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ERIA Holds Coffee Talk in New Information Centre


ERIA Holds Coffee Talk in New Information Centre

Jakarta, 3 May 2018: The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) held its first ever ERIA Coffee Talk on 3 May 2018, in which Senior Economist Dr Dionisius Narjoko shared his experience as a researcher with a group of undergraduate students from the Faculty of Economics and Business,  Universitas Indonesia.

Dr Narjoko shared his experience about choosing a career path into academic research, the steps he took in the early days of his career, as well as the strategic and critical skills needed as a researcher. The students who attended the Coffee Talk were eager to ask their questions in the Q&A session. The amount of participants was limited to ensure the students have plenty of opportunities for discussion with Dr Narjoko.

The Coffee Talk is an informal discussion session between ERIA researchers and university students (both undergraduate and graduate students) in a bid to encourage more young people to pursue their career in academic research. This event will be held twice a year in ERIA’s new Information Centre, a coworking space and library that showcases ERIA’s publications. The Information Centre is open for public from Monday to Friday.


07 May 2018



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