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ERIA Highlights Energy Research at the Recent Energy Ministers Meeting

ERIA Highlights Energy Research at the Recent Energy Ministers Meeting

Professor Hidetoshi Nishimura, President of ERIA, and a high-level delegation of ERIA Energy Experts attended the 33rd ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting (AMEM) and Associated Meetings on 5-9 October 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also presented ERIA's research activities at the Ninth East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting, participated in the launch of a key report, and held several bilateral meetings.

The annual meeting included ASEAN member states and dialogue partners Australia, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Russian Federation, and the United States.

EAS Energy Ministers Updated on ERIA Activities

Prof Nishimura presented the key findings of ERIA's energy studies to the Ninth East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting held on 8 October.

He said that a unified energy market, through an interconnecting power grid, will optimise Asia's energy resources. Said power grid interconnection is economically and financially feasible but it will require establishing a regional regulatory body to harmonise regulations on grid interconnection and creating a regionally coordinated investment mechanism to optimise investment in power stations and the grid.

The Energy Research Institute Network (ERIN), consisting of research institutes from 16 East Asia Summit countries, was introduced as a new group of academic institutes supporting ERIA's research studies. The Ministers noted the importance of ERIN and its first statement supporting ERIA's activities. Russian and US delegates expressed great interest in becoming members of the academic network. As Brunei Darussalam is the current chair of ERIN, the Minister took the opportunity to approve the request from Russia and the US to become ERIN members.

Report Launch: Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2015

Prof Nishimura spoke at the press conference on the launch of Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2015, a joint report by ERIA and the International Energy Agency (IEA). The report found that greater integration of the region's energy market could help catalyse development of energy resources, facilitate more efficient use of the region's resources, and enhance energy security.

Prof Nishimura said that the publication is timely because the emergence of Southeast Asia as a key economic player will change the energy landscape.

He stressed three key points related to the report: � The region's energy demand will increase threefold by 2040, underscoring the urgent need for the development of major energy infrastructure. ERIA is formulating the Comprehensive Asia Development Plan or CADP 2.0, which includes sustainable energy infrastructure projects. � Coal will be the dominant energy source in Southeast Asia by 2040. Most coal power plants being built in the region are sub-critical. A delay in the deployment of clean coal technologies will result in the construction of less-efficient coal-fired power plants, leading to increased emissions. Governments need to address this issue by supporting more efficient plants. � The Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2015 highlights grid interconnection as an opportunity to enhance energy security. Removing the technical, economic, institutional, and political barriers in power grid interconnection is a challenge that warrants further research.

Prof Nishimura said he is 'looking forward to further collaboration with IEA, the ASEAN Centre for Energy, and ASEAN member states in sharing information, undertaking joint studies, and in capacity building activities'.

Bilateral Meetings

Prof Nishimura held bilateral meetings with: � Cambodia Secretary of State to discuss establishing the Energy Research Institute in Cambodia. � Chief of HAPUA (Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities/Authorities) to discuss support for its research on power grid interconnection. � Malaysian Minister of Energy to discuss the Comprehensive Asia Development Plan 2.0, which will include energy projects, as well as Malaysia-ERIA joint research projects on the economic impact of the removal of energy subsidies.

ERIA Energy Expert Presentation

Han Phoumin, ERIA Energy Economist, gave a presentation on 'Prospects of Energy Market Integration in the EAS Region,' at the ASEAN Energy Business Forum on 5 October.


15 October 2015



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