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Call for Proposals: ERIA-UNCTAD Project on NTMs

2 October 2017

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  • In 2015, ERIA and UNCTAD had conducted the first comprehensive data collection of NTMs in the 10 ASEAN countries.
  • In 2018, ERIA and UNCTAD will carry the mandate of the 49th ASEAN Economic Ministerial (AEM) meeting to renew the NTM database on a regular basis and analyze policy options for addressing NTMs.


  • To update the existing ASEAN NTMs database, by collecting and validating the most up-to-date NTM information from official sources.
  • To further develop export capacities by improving NTM transparency and providing trading partners with access to NTMs related information.
  • To conduct rigorous analyses on NTMs and how these will affect trade policy and overall trade performance.
  • To provide insights for NTMs streamlining in ASEAN.

Project Outputs

  • Updated NTMs Database for the10 ASEAN Member States.
  • ERIA-UNCTAD Country Reports of the 10 ASEAN Member States.

Project Outputs


  • Each consultant will collect all NTM information from official sources (e.g. government regulations) and classify each NTM into the right category based on the UNCTAD's NTMs classification system. Each consultant will be given proper trainings, guidelines, and ready-to-use templates to accommodate this task.
  • Prior to data collection, selected consultants are expected to: (i) take an NTM on-line course ; and (ii) attend a mandatory training on the latest data collection method of identification, collection and classification of NTMs. All training materials will be provided by ERIA-UNCTAD

Consultant's Responsibilities & Outputs

  • Comprehensive updated data of NTMs in respective country recorded in UNCTAD template in English. Each consultant will be assigned to one specific country and is responsible to record all NTMs that are in effect and implemented by March 2018.
  • A descriptive analysis of NTMs in the country which consultant is assigned to and policy recommendations on streamlining NTMs in that country.

How to Apply

An applicant is a team consists of two or more members, who together will conduct the NTM data collection in one country. Only one contract will be provided for each team.

To apply each applicant must submit:

1. A proposal that consists of two main parts:

  • Writing of +/- 1,500 words including tables and figures about existing NTMs in your own country (Introduction, discussion, and conclusion).
  • Proposed budget for your team.

2. CVs of consultant(s): please specify one team leader who will be in charge of the rest of the team members.

How to submit

  • Please send your proposal to both of the following emails: Gracia Hadiwidjaja and Chile Ngo
  • In the subject email, please write "ASEAN NTM Proposal".

  • The deadline for proposal submissions is 15 November 2017.

More information

Call for Proposal: ERIA-UNCTAD Project on NTM

Term of Reference of ERIA-UNCTAD: Updating NTMs in ASEAN

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