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Australia providing AUD 1 million to boost regional integration

Australia providing AUD 1 million to boost regional integration

Further recognition of ERIA's research in the East Asia region has come from Australia in the 21st annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial Meeting in Singapore on 13th November 2009. 

The Australian Trade Minister Mr Simon Crean announced at the APEC Ministerial Meeting that Australia will contribute Aus $ 1 million to ERIA to strengthen research on regional economic integration. The funding will focus on the ERIA's research into important structural reforms needed to rebalance Asia's growth away from exports and towards domestic demand.

The extra funding from Australia will also be used to support research into the regional benefits of the convergence of ASEAN's Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Australia and New Zealand, China, India, Japan and Korea.

ERIA deeply acknowledges this contribution and renews its commitment to quality research work and policy recommendations for the narrowing of development gaps and economic integration in the region.


13 November 2009



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