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AmCham ERIA Dialogue on: ASEAN and the US-China Trade War

The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia and the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia are collaborating on a series of briefings about economic issues in ASEAN that are of importance to the private sector. The goal of these briefings is to share recent research findings with the business community in a forum that invites meaningful discussion. The panel will consist of an ERIA expert, a representative from the private sector and a policymaker from the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia.

 To say that the global trade landscape has changed over the last few years would be a gross understatement. At the founding of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995, one would not have guessed, for example, that its appeal body for trade disputes would today be facing what some are calling an “existential threat.”
When China joined the same organization in 2001 – after years of hard negotiations – one might not have expected that the US and China would, in 2019, be locked in a bitter battle of tariffs and other trade restrictions while the WTO looks on. Amidst this tension, Britain’s BREXIT adds to the trade complexities, resulting in a search for new markets. Southeast Asia stands out as a privileged recipient of an opportunity. How has Southeast Asia under ASEAN positioned itself? Join our dialogue to get a better understanding, with a focus on Indonesia.


09:00Welcome remarks from ERIA and AmCham
09:05Presentation from Dr Doan Thi Thanh Ha (ERIA Economist)

 Panel Discussion
 Moderator: Daniel Bellefleur, Member of ASEAN Committee, AMCHAM

  • Dr Doan Thi Thanh Ha, Economist, ERIA
  • Dr Dionisius Narjoko, Senior Economist, ERIA
  • Dr Donna Gultom, Director of ASEAN Negotiations, Ministry of Trade, The Republic of Indonesia
  • Ms Shanti Shamdasani ASEAN International Advocacy
09:45Q & A Session 
10:00Coffee Reception


Note: If you want to register or have any questions about this event, please contact us at [email protected].


For join the event, please register by 7 August at 4:30 PM here: 


Starting Date

09 August 2019




ERIA Office, Jakarta

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