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Healthy Aging Prize for Asian Innovation

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Healthy Aging Prize for Asian Innovation

The people of Asia are living longer than ever, presenting a vast array of new challenges and new opportunities that all sectors of society are just beginning to explore and address.

To recognize and amplify innovative work that seeks to address these challenges, ERIA in partnership with the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) is pleased to announce the Healthy Aging Prize for Asian Innovation.

The Prize will be awarded to policies, programmes, services, and products in the following categories, with Grand Prize Winners receiving recognition at an international forum to be held in 2020:

Technology & Innovation

New technologies and techniques that encourage healthy and productive aging, that improve the way that older persons receive care, or that provide greater efficiency, safety, and/or convenience for older persons and caregivers.

Community-based Initiatives

Community-based approaches—including inter-generational approaches—to keeping older adults healthy, active, engaged, and/or safe.

Supporting Self-Reliance

New ways to help older adults maintain, improve, or restore physical and mental functions, that assist them and their caregivers as those functions deteriorate, or that build resilience.

To learn more about the Prize and how to apply please visit the AHWIN website.

Please feel free to forward this information to other people in your network who are running innovative programs in aging and might be interested in the Award.

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23 December 2019

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