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ERIA-CLM Capacity Building Workshop (Roundtable Talk)

ERIA-CLM Capacity Building Workshop (Roundtable Talk)

1. Outline

The Round Table Talk by Experts on Statistics was held on 9 February 2011 and ERIA and the Meeting was attended by members of the ERIA - CLM Capacity Building Project. The main objective of the Round Table Talk is to brainstorm on potential statistical area where capacity building is most needed.

2. Progress

Members were briefed on the work done and output for FY2010. During the Round Table Talks, the Experts provided valuable views and inputs. Members also discussed on various areas of statistics where potential capacity building projects will be able to enhance the strengthening of the national statistical system.

3. Outcomes

Members feel that the process taken by the CLM Capacity Building Project is effective and beneficial to the participating countries. Members stressed that a good national statistical system is important. To enhance capacity building for the National Statistical Organizations in this region, capacity building projects for specific area for identified countries is important. Regular regional seminars/workshops will provide a good platform for sharing of knowledge and experiences among the statistical organizations in the region.


09 February 2011


ERIA Annex Office



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