To support ASEAN Member States to develop competitive and innovative SME sectors, ERIA is developing the ASEAN SME Policy Index and conducting various researches on SME development.

Accounting Standards for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in ASEAN

Edited by Keisuke Mizunoura

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-22

Posted: March, 2017

Innovation, Technology Transfers, Finance, and Internationalization of SMEs' Trade and Investment Policy Best Practices for ASEAN and East Asia

By Sothea Oum, Patarapong Intarakumnerd, George Abonyi, and Shigeo Kagami

ERIA Research Project Report 2013-14

Posted: March, 2015

Constraints, Determinants of SME Innovation, and the Role of Government Support

By Sothea Oum, Dionisius Narjoko and Charles Harvie

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-10

Posted: May, 2014

ASEAN SME Policy Index 2014 Towards Competitive and Innovative ASEAN SMEs

By ERIA SME Research Working Group

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-8

Posted: June, 2014

Small and Medium Enterprises' Access to Finance: Evidence from Selected Asia Economies

By Charles Harvie, Dionisius Narjoko, Sothea Oum

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-23

Posted: October, 2013

Success Cases of Japanese SMEs in IP Commercialization in the Creative Industry Applicable to ASEAN

By Mr. Yoshifumi Fukunaga (Project Coordinator)

Posted: December, 2012

Global Production Networks and Host-Site Industrial Upgrading: Evidence from Car, Clothes and Semiconductor Firms in ASEAN and China

By Dr. Sothea Oum (Project Leader and Project Coordinator)

Posted: December, 2012

Mid-Term Review of the Implementation of AEC Blueprint: Executive Summary

By Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

Posted: October, 2012

Firm Characteristic Determinants of SME Participation in Production Networks

By Charles HARVIE, Dionisius NARJOKO, Sothea OUM

ERIA Discussion Paper 2010-11

Posted: October, 2010

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Access to Finance in Selected East Asian Economies

By Charles Harvie, Sothea Oum, Dionisius Narjoko (Eds.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2010-14

Posted: March, 2011

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