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Benchmarking of Biodiesel Fuel Standardization in East Asia

Benchmarking of Biodiesel Fuel Standardization in East Asia


The goal of the research is to define appropriate utilization of biodiesel fuel, by establishing the quality standard and quality control/management method that is required in the market. To achieve this objective, production of high-quality biodiesel fuel, its smooth distribution, and stabilization of economic infrastructure can be expected.

In this project, quality control/management method in the market?will be focused. Starting in 2007, this WG established EAS-ERIA Biodiesel Fuel Standard: 2008 for B100 fatty acid methyl ether (FAME) aimed for low level blending with diesel fuel. From 2008 to 2009, WG on "Benchmarking of Biodiesel Fuel Standardization in East Asia" had continuous discussion for the adjustments of the previous year's achievement, potentials of inedible feedstock, and quality control/management method of biodiesel fuel in the market, aiming at the "secure use" of the 1st generation of biodiesel fuel (FAME). The results and findings of the research activities have been compiled in the "Biodiesel Fuel Trade Handbook".

Project Leader

Dr. Shinichi Goto, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Project Coordinator

Mr. Mitsuo Matsumoto, ERIA

Mr. Brett Jacobs, ERIA

Dr. Xunpeng Shi, ERIA

Project Member

Dr. Yuji Yoshimura, AIST, Japan

Dr. Mitsuharu Oguma, AIST, Japan

Mr. Shoichi Ichikawa, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Dr. Takashi Hoshino, Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan

Prof. Koji Yamane, University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Mr. Akio Imai, Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., Japan

Mr. Takao Ikeda, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Prof. Mitsuru Konno, Ibaraki University, Japan

Mr. Yuji Iwasaki, Oji Paper Co. Ltd., Japan

Dr. Lesley Dowling, Department of Environment and Water Resources, Australia

Ms. Linda Meisel, Department of Environment and Water Resources, Australia

Prof. Wugao Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Dr. Tatang Hernas Soerawidjaja, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Dr. Soni Solistia Wirawan, Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia

Dr. Alok Adholeya, The Energy and Resources Institute, India

Mr. Harrison Lau Lik Nang, Malaysia Palm Oil Board, Malaysia

Mr. Andrew Saunders, Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand

Ms. Zenaida Ygnacio Monsada, Department of Energy, the Philippines

Dr. Young Jae Lee, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea

Ms. Peesamai Jenvanitpanjakul, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, Thailand

Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand

Ms. Thi Tinh Hoang, Vietnam Institute for Standards and Quality, Vietnam


26 December 2012

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