ASEAN Economic Community

ERIA is tasked out to provide analytical support to the work of the Mid Term Review (MTR) of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint. ERIA conducts improvement efforts of AEC Scorecard on several priority sectors. Furthermore, ERIA works closely with related governments to conduct necessary follow-ups to the Jakarta Framework and Bali Concord III which look beyond 2015.

Disaster Management in ASEAN

By Yasuyuki Sawada and Fauziah Zen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-03

Posted: January, 2014

Competition Law Enforcement in Malaysia: Some Recent Developments

By Cassey Lee

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-02

Posted: January, 2014

ASEAN Beyond 2015: The Imperatives for Further Institutional Changes

By Rizal Sukma

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-01

Posted: January, 2014

Assessment of ASEAN Energy Cooperation within the ASEAN Economic Community

By Xunpeng Shi and Cecilya Malik

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-37

Posted: December, 2013

Education and Human Capital Development to Strengthen R&D Capacity in the ASEAN

By Tereso S. Tullao, Jr. and Christopher James Cabuay

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-36

Posted: December, 2013

What are the Opportunities and Challenges for ASEAN?

By Mitsuyo Ando and Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-31

Posted: November, 2013

Standards Harmonisation in ASEAN: Progress, Challenges and Moving Beyond 2015

By Simon Pettman

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-30

Posted: November, 2013

Towards a Truly Seamless Single Windows and Trade Facilitation Regime in ASEAN Beyond 2015

By Jonathan Koh and Andrea Feldman Mowerman

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-29

Posted: November, 2013

Stimulating Innovation in ASEAN Institutional Support, R&D Activity and Intellectual Property Rights

By Rajah Rasiah

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-28

Posted: November, 2013

Financial Integration Challenges in ASEAN beyond 2015

By Maria Monica Wihardja

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-27

Posted: November, 2013

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