ASEAN Economic Community

ERIA is tasked out to provide analytical support to the work of the Mid Term Review (MTR) of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint. ERIA conducts improvement efforts of AEC Scorecard on several priority sectors. Furthermore, ERIA works closely with related governments to conduct necessary follow-ups to the Jakarta Framework and Bali Concord III which look beyond 2015.

AEC Blueprint Implementation Performance and Challenges: Investment Liberalization

By Ponciano S. Intal, Jr.

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-32

Posted: April, 2015

Assessing the Progress of ASEAN MRAs on Professional Services

By Yoshifumi Fukunaga

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-21

Posted: March, 2015

Value and Limitations of the ASEAN Agreement on the Movement of Natural Persons

By Yoshifumi Fukunaga and Hikari Ishido

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-20

Posted: March, 2015

Transmission Channels of Economic Shocks in ASEAN

By Ruperto Majuca and Jesson Pagaduan

ERIA Policy Brief 2015-01

Posted: March, 2015

Social Protection in ASEAN: Challenges and Initiatives for Post-2015 Vision

By Mukul G. Asher and Fauziah Zen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-06

Posted: February, 2015

Financial Integration Challenges in ASEAN Beyond 2015

By Maria Monica Wihardja

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-08

Posted: August, 2014

Delivering Results in Standards and Conformance in ASEAN: the Critical Roles of Institutional Strenghthening and the Private Sector

By Simon Pettman

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-07

Posted: August, 2014

Stimulating Innovation in ASEAN Institutional Support, R&D Activity and Intellectual Property Rights

By Rajah Rasiah

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-06

Posted: August, 2014

ASEAN Beyond 2015: The Imperatives for Further Institutional Changes

By Rizal Sukma

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-05

Posted: August, 2014

ASEAN Rising: ASEAN and AEC Beyond 2015

By Ponciano Intal, Jr., Yoshifumi Fukunaga, Fukunari Kimura, Phoumin Han, Philippa Dee, Dionisius Narjoko, Sothea Oum

Posted: June, 2014

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