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Energy Economist

Yanfei Li

Energy Economist

Dr Yanfei Li is an Energy Economist of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), an international economic policy think tank. He specializes in energy markets, energy policy, and economics of technological change, serving the interests of both academic and public sectors. Dr Li’s current research covers oil prices, regional natural gas trade and market integration, regional power infrastructure planning and electricity trade, economic and environmental assessment of energy technologies, hydrogen economy, and energy-economy-environment modelling. His academic research appears on top journals such as Energy Economics and Energy Policy. He also regularly contributes opinion articles to public media such as South China Morning Post, the Diplomat, China Daily, and the Nikkei Asian Review. He acquired PhD in Economics from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Peking University in Beijing.


  • Energy and Environmental Economics
  • Energy Markets, Energy Policy, and Economics of Technological Change
  • Serving both Academic and Consulting Constituents



BSc in Economics,
Peking University (PKU), P.R.China


PhD in Economics,
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore



2010 - 2013

Research Fellow, Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N),

2012 - 2013

Part-time Lecturer, Graduate course on Quantitative Methods,
Rajatranam Schoool of International Studies, NTU, Singapore

2011 - 2012

Part-time Lecturer, Undergraduate course on International Economics,
SIM University, Singapore

2009 - 2011

Part-time Teaching Assistant, Graduate course on Macroeconomics,
Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, NTU, Singapore

2007 - 2010

Part-time Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate course on Principle of Economics,
Economic Division,
School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU, Singapore


Selected Publications

Chang, Y., Z Fang, Y Li (2016), 'Renewable energy policies in promoting financing and investment among the East Asia Summit countries: Quantitative assessment and policy implications', in Energy Policy, Volume 95, , pp. 427–436

Chang, Y., Y Li (2015),'Renewable energy and policy options in an integrated ASEAN electricity market: Quantitative assessments and policy implications', in Energy Policy, May 2015, Vol. 85, pp.39–49

Chang, Y., Y Li (2015), 'Infrastructure investments for power trade and transmission in ASEAN+ 2: Costs, benefits, long-term contracts and prioritized developments' in Energy Economics. Vol 51, pp. 484-492. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Chang, Y., Y. Li (2015), 'Perspectives of availability, applicability, acceptability and affordability' in The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia. London & NY: Routledge.

Chang, Y., Y. Li (2013), 'Power Generation and Cross-border Grid Planning for the Integrated ASEAN Electricity Market: A Dynamic Linear Programming Model', in Energy Strategy Reviews, 2(2), pp. 153-160.)

Chang, Y., Y Li (2013), 'Rapid Growth at What Cost? Impact of Energy Efficiency Policies in Developing Economies', in End of Electricity Demand Growth: How energy efficiently can put an end to the need for more power plants, Edited by F. P. Sioshansi. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Chang, Y., Y Li (2013), 'The Singapore Electricity Market: From Partial to Full Competition', in Evolution of Global Electricity Markets, Edited by F. P. Sioshansi. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Chang, Y., Y Li  (2015), 'Perspectives of availability, applicability, acceptability and affordability', The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia, p.259. London & NY: Routledge.

Chang, Y., Y Li (2012), 'Renewable Energy and Policy Options in an Integrated ASEAN Electricity Market: Quantitative Assessments and Policy Implications', in Energy Market Integration in East Asia: Renewable Energy and Its Deployment into the Power System.  F. Kimura, H. Phoumin, and B. Jacobs (eds.), ERIA Research Project Report 2012, No. 26., Jakarta: 2013.

Chang, Y., and Y Li (2013), 'An Integrated Asian Natural Gas Market: Potentials and Policy Implications', in Energy Market Integration in East Asia: Deepen Understanding and Move Forward, Edited by Y. Wu, X. Shi and F. Kimura. London & NY: Routledge..

Kimura F., S Kimura, Y Chang, Y Li (2016), 'Financing renewable energy in the developing countries of the East Asia Summit region: Introduction', in Energy Policy, Volume 95, pp. 421–426

Li, Y., R Kochhan (2015), 'Policies and Business Models for The Electric Mobility Revolution: The Case Study on Singapore' in Singapore Economic Review',  doi: 10.1142/S021759081550109X

Li, Y., Y Chang (2015), 'Infrastructure investments for power trade and transmission in ASEAN+ 2: Costs, benefits, long-term contracts and prioritized developments', in  Energy Economics, Volume 51, pp. 484–492

Li, Y., and W.M. Chia (2013), 'Information and Communication Technology and Economic Growth of Four Asian Industrialized Economies', in Innovation, clusters and economic growth in Asia, Edited by Sören Eriksson, Edward Elgar.

Li, Y., S.T. Yao, and W.,. Chia (2011), 'Demand Uncertainty, Information Processing Ability, and Endogenous Firm: Another Perspective on the Impact of ICT', in Nankai Business Review International, 2(4), pp. 447-474.

Current Projects

Study on International Cooperation on Nuclear Safety Management in East Asia Countries

Study on Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Transport Sector through Transport Improvement and Smart Community Development in the Urban Area

Study on Effective Investment of Power Infrastructure in East Asia through Power Grid Interconnection

Sustainable Development of Natural Gas Market in EAS Region

Other Professional Activities

Adjunct Senior Scientist, Energy Research Institute @ NTU, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


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