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Energy Economist

Han Phoumin

Energy Economist

Han Phoumin has about 18 years of experience working at various international and inter-governmental organisations and multi-disciplinary research consortiums related to energy market and technologies, environment, integrated water resource management, governance, and economic development in the region of ASEAN and East Asia. He specialised in economic development and policy and applied econometrics. Much of his career in the past 12 years revolved around power sectors, especially with sustainable hydropower development, renewable energy policy research (i.e., biomass power generation competitiveness studies, solar and wind), energy efficiency and conservation, clean coal technology, energy security, and energy demand and supply forecasting. He has been serving as an expert for APEC on energy security for oil and gas emergency responses since 2013 until now. He is also one of the peer review experts for Peru’s energy subsidy removal commissioned by USAID in 2015. He also has led a number of projects in the EAS region related to energy policy and planning, and also contributed articles and special issues for academic journals.


  • Bio-Fuels;
  • Energy Efficiency and Savings;
  • Energy Security;
  • Energy Consumption and Forecasting; and
  • Water Resource Development and Management.


2004 - 2007

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),

Economic development and policies, Kobe University

1998 -  1999

Master of Science (MSc), 

'Regional and Rural Development Planning', Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

1996 - 1996


Environmental Science from Royal University of Phnom Penh


Bachelor of Science (BSc),

'Agriculture and Animal Production, Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia



2013 - PresentEnergy Economist, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and EAST ASIA (ERIA)
2010 - 2012

Programme Coordinator, Mekong Integrated Water Resources management Project, Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) based in Lao PDR;

2008 - 2010Senior Economist and Planning Specialist, Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS) based in Lao PDR

Research Fellow, and Programme Manager for Human Security, Peace Building, and Conflict Transformation Programme, and Social Development Research Department, Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI);

2003 - 2004

Governance Analyst, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cambodia
2002 - 2003Poverty Monitoring Specialist, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cambodia
2000 -  2001District Field Officer / Sub-district Administrator, United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (under UNV assignment
1999 - 2000

Local independent consultant for World Bank's Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for Cambodia 2001-2005 and World Bank's Cambodia Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Programme-Urban Water Supply Survey

1996 - 1997Communication, Information and Documentation Assistant, UNDP/UNOPS CARERE Programme
1993 -1996Journalist, The Cambodia Daily Newspaper


Phoumin, H., Kana, Miwa, and S. Fukui  (2013), 'Child Labour and Wealth in Rural Cambodia: Re-examination of Alternative Hypotheses', Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, 5(2), pp 35-48

Phoumin, H. Kana, Miwa, and S. Fukui (2010) 'Does Child Labour Have a Negative Impact on Child Education and Health? A Case Study in Rural Cambodia', Oxford Development Studies, 38(3), pp 357-382.

Phoumin, H. (2016) 'Analysis of Distributed Energy System and Implications for Electrification: The Case of ASEAN Member States'. ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-28. 

Phoumin, H. (2015) 'Energy Security and Sustained Growth: Analysis of Energy Outlook and Savings Potential in EAS Region'. Asia Pathways, ADBI. 

Phoumin, H. (2015), 'Enabling Clean Coal Technologies in Emerging Asia. 2015 Summit Working Paper at Pacific Energy Summit', commissioned by The National Bureau of Asia Research (NBR). 

Phoumin, H., and Venkatachalam Anbumozhi (2015), 'Policy Effects on Total System Energy Efficiency: Comparisons of advanced and developing economies in the EAS region'. ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-67. 

Phoumin, H. (2015), 'Energy Policies and Home Solar System in Cambodia'. ERIA Discussion paper 2015-64. 

Phoumin, H. (2014), 'Fueling Sustained Growth: Strengthening Energy Markets for Economic Development'. Pacific Energy Forum Working Papers, commissioned by The National Bureau of Asia Research (NBR). 

Phoumin, H. and F. Kimura (2014), 'Trade-off Relationship between Energy Intensity -- thus Energy Demand--and Income Level: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications for ASEAN and East Asia Countries'. ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-15.

Phoumin, H., and S.  Kimura (2014), 'Analysis on Price Elasticity of Price of Energy Demand in East Asia : Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications for ASEAN and East Asia'. ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-05.

Phoumin, H. (2010), 'Economic Facts and Development in the Lower Mekong Basin', State of the Basin Report, Mekong River Commission Secretariat. Vientiane Lao PDR.

Phoumin, H. (2009), 'Hours Worked and Children's Health in Rural Agriculture: Empirical Evidence for Policy Implications'. Annual Development Review, Cambodia Development Resource Institute, 2008-2009 ADR, Chapter 8. pp. 168-187.

Phoumin, H. (2008) 'Human Capital and Hours Worked of Children in Cambodia: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications'. Asian Economic Journal, 22 (1), pp. 25-46

Phoumin, H., Seiichi, and Fukui. (2008) 'Root Causes of Child Labor in Cambodia: Testing "Luxury" hypothesis'. Journal of International Cooperation Studies, 16 (1), pp. 131-154.

Phoumin, H. (2004), 'Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability. A Cambodian Millennium Development Goals (CMDGs)', National Publication for CMDGs .

Tanaka, K., Masato Abe, and Han Phoumin., et al. (2017), 'Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India. OECD Publication', OECD Publishing.

Book Printed

Intal, Ponciano S. Jr., Yoshifumi Fukunaga, Fukunari Kimura, Han Phoumin, Philip Dee, Dionisius Narjoko, Sothea Oum (2014), ASEAN Rising: ASEAN and AEC Beyond 2015. ERIA Book Publication, ISBN 978-602-8660-73-0.

Kimura, S., and Han Phoumin (2016), 'Energy Outlook and Energy Saving Potential in East Asia 2016'. ERIA Book Publication, ISBN 978-602-8660-94-5.

Kimura, F., and Han Phoumin (2014), 'Energy Market Integration in East Asia. Energy Trade, Cross Border Electricity, and Price Mechanism', ERIA Research Project Report, No.29.

Kimura, F., Han Phoumin, and Brett Jacobs (2013), 'Energy Market Integration: Renewable Energy and Its Deployment into the Power System'ERIA Research Project Report, No.26.

Kutani, I., M. Motokura, and H. Phoumin (2015), Scenario Analysis of Energy Security in EAS Region. ERIA Research Project 2014-35.

Shigeru, K., and Han, Phoumin (2015) 'Energy Outlook and Saving Potentials in EAS region'. ERIA Research Project Report 2014 no.33.

Reviewer of International Journals and Publications

External reviewer for Journal of Agricultural Socioeconomic and Agribusiness, 2013

External reviewer for Journal of Climate and Development, 2013

External reviewer for the Southeast Asia Energy Outlook published in 2013 by International Energy Agency (IEA) and Economic Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

Co-editor for the Energy Market Integration. ERIA publication 2013.

Current Projects

Coordinator of the Energy Market Integration Project

Coordinator of Clean Coal Technology Project

Coordinator of Energy Efficiency and Saving Potentials Project

Coordinator of Sector Specific Energy Outlook

Coordinator of Energy Security Index Project

And assist ERIA Energy Unit in various tasks by working with various ERIA's Energy Working Groups.


Energy Security and Sustained Growth: Result Analysis from Energy Outlook and Saving Potential in the East Asia Summit Region


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