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The 2nd ERIA Working Group Meeting on Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Due to Natural Disaster


Natural disasters are increasingly become a challenge to global economic development. Left unchecked, increase in frequency and magnitude of such disasters could case worldwide supply chain disruptions. The East Asia Summit Region is more vulnerable to disaster risks than other regions due to its high exposure to natural disaster and this has critical impact on regional trade and integration.

Concentrated production and economic activities in coastal areas as well as weak institutions add to the susceptibility of this region. Resilience along the value chain and adaption - making adjustments in sectoral level economic systems in response to actual or expected disaster stimuli- becomes key strategy for sustaining economic growth.

This ERIA study examines the framework conditions for integrating climate change adaption and disaster risk management measures along primary, secondary and service sectors for the East Asia Summit region countries.


The objectives of the study as follows:

a. Identify the major factors that amplify the impact of global supply chain disruptions due to climate change and related natural disasters.
b. Determine how can communities companies and prepare for the emergency situations such as energy supply disruptions occurring in the supply chain due to natural disasters.
c. Evaluate insurance tools, emergency plans, and adaptation measures that communities and governments can employ to prepare for supply chain disruptions.
d. Model how ASEAN Disaster relief mechanisms could be made compliant to business continuity plans of major supply chains.

The 2nd working group meeting is designed to discuss the draft final version of the papers and key findings coming out of the study.


Download the event agenda here.


Starting Date

29 June 2015

End Date

30 June 2015


Concorde Hotel, Singapore

Contact Info
phone: +6221 5797 4460

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