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Low-Carbon Energy Systems and Green Growth: Implications for Regional Economic Cooperation


Emerging economies of Asia have an essential role to play in promoting the global move towards energy security, economic growth and sustainable development. Although their economic activities are circumscribed by developmental preferences, equity concerns, and industrial competitiveness, they are important agents in implementing several measures which would mitigate global environmental challenges like climate change. The way in which the emerging economies manage their future energy systems and economic integration activities are critically important, as the global society increasingly expects. Asian economies have begun responding to this challenge by in the form of intended nationally determined contributions and concentrated efforts to liberalize trade in environmental goods and services. However, the observed effects of these commitments are often met with many technological barriers, financial deficiencies and lack of international cooperation, some of which are very specific to developing Asia. This technical workshop will discuss the issue papers that examines how emerging economies of Asia is operating amid changing demands for low carbon energy system development and what kind of pro-active policies regional cooperation, market and non-market policies would strengthen such green growth practices in the future.


The study is designed to:

a. to identify and elaborate on individual energy policy actions in major economies based on scenario analysis that is necessary to create low-carbon economy at a scale required; and
b. to review regional economic integration activities in the region and beyond, that facilitate such actions with suggestions for any improvements.

The 2nd working group meeting, will discuss the draft final version of the papers and the key findings.


Download the event agenda here.

Starting Date

11 July 2015

End Date

13 July 2015


Holiday Inn, Bangkok

Contact Info
phone: +6221 5797 4460

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