ERIA Calendar FY2017

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DATE Schedule Venue
January 9-13 The 2nd Economic Policy Modelling Workshop Vientiane, Lao PDR
January 11-12 Capacity Building Programme participation in the 9th ASAE Conference Bangkok, Thailand
January 14-15 The 3rd Asia Cosmopolitan Awards 2017 Nara, Japan
January 17-20 ASEAN @ 50 Editorial Team Meeting Jakarta, Indonesia
January 22 Third Workshop of Service Supply Chains Singapore
January 25 Innovation in ASEAN 1st Workshop Jakarta, Indonesia


DATE Schedule Venue
February 6 The 1st Working Group meeting on Distributed Energy System Study in Selected ASEAN Countries Jakarta, Indonesia
February 10-11 Digital Economy, Innovation and East Asia's Competitiveness in GVCs - Cross Border e-Commerce in ASEAN and East Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
February 16-17 The Second Microdata Workshop Bangkok, Thailand
February 21-23 ASEAN SME Policy Index Workshop (ERIA - OECD) Jakarta, Indonesia
February 24-25 ERIA Research Department Meeting Jakarta, Indonesia


DATE Schedule Venue
March 2-3 Non-Tariffs Measures (NTM) Workshop: How to Move Forward the Agenda: To Improve Transparency of Non-Tariffs Measures (NTMs) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Countries Jakarta, Indonesia
March 7 International Symposium on 'New Normal, Integration and Inequality' Jakarta, Indonesia
March 9-11 The 11th Empirical Investigations in Trade and Investment (EITI) Conference Yogyakarta, Indonesia
March 22-23 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Workshop Tokyo, Japan
March 25-26 The Second Workshop for the Global Production Value Chain, Cities and Urban Amenities Bangkok, Thailand


DATE Schedule Venue
April 4-5 ASEAN at 50 Editorial Team Workshop Jakarta, Indonesia
April 10-11 The 6th Meeting and 5th Workshop for Energy Research Putrajaya, Malaysia
April 14 First International Economic Forum on Asia: Enhancing Regional Integration and Development Through Quality Infrastructure and Resilience Tokyo, Japan
April 20 The 2nd Working Group Meeting on Distributed Energy System Study in Selected ASEAN Countries Phnom Penh, Cambodia
April 28 The 3rd APSA Task Force meeting on its Phase 2 study Bangkok, Thailand


DATE Schedule Venue
May 1-3 Global Think Tank Summit 2017 Yokohama, Japan
May 2 ERIA - CSIS: Private Discussion Forum with Prof. Richard Baldwin on "Globalisation in the 21st century - stalling or pausing" Jakarta, Indonesia
May 9 ERIA-IDEAS Roundtable Discussion: Advancing the ASEAN Single Aviation Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 9 Seminar on the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia
May 17 Workshop: Addressing Energy Efficiency through Traffic Improvement Hanoi, Viet Nam
May 17-18 Integrating NER India with Regional Economies through Cross Border Energy Sector Development New Delhi, India
May 23 Trade Policy Modelling Workshop Series Vientiane, Lao PDR
May 25-26 Workshop on Issues around FDI for Economic Growth Bangkok, Thailand
May 29 Book Dissemination: Production Networks in Southeast Asia Hanoi, Viet Nam


DATE Schedule Venue
June 7-8 Workshop on ASEAN Trade Facilitation Indicators ERIA office, Jakarta
June 8-9 The 10th ERIA Governing Board Meeting Jakarta, Indonesia
June 18 Building ASEAN: Political Security Community and Regional Resiliency Iloilo, Philippines
June 19 The 3rd APSA Task Force meeting on its Phase 2 study Bangkok, Thailand
June 20-21 Asian Economic Panel Helsinki, Finland


DATE Schedule Venue
July 2-3 ERIA Technical Workshop on Unlocking the Potentials of Private Sector Financing for Low Carbon Energy Transition Bangkok, Thailand
July 7-8 "Innovation Policy in/for ASEAN" Study 2nd Workshop Bangkok, Thailand
July 10 The 9th Academic Advisory Council (AAC) Meeting Jakarta, Indonesia
July 14 8th ASEAN Connectivity Symposium Manila, Philippines
July 17 Distributional Effects of Disasters and Climate Change on Food Security Putrajaya, Malaysia
July 18 CAPSA-MARDI Regional Training Workshop on Transfer of Agricultural Technology with specific focus on 'Application of ICT for Resilient Agriculture' Putrajaya, Malaysia
July 22-23 The 2nd Event on Digital Economy, Innovation and East Asia's Competitiveness in GVC: 'Cross border e-Commerce in ASEAN and East Asia' Bangkok, Thailand
July 27 ERIA FTA Project Workshop Seoul, South Korea
July 27 Workshop on Deepening Economic Integration through Better Understanding and Better Implementation of Non-Tariff Measures' ERIA office, Jakarta
July 31 Asia Africa Growth Corridor Track 1.5 Meeting Tokyo, Japan


DATE Schedule Venue
August 1-2 32nd Meeting of the High-Level Task Force on ASEAN Economic Integration (HLTF-EI) Manila, Philippines
August 9 7th Meeting for Energy Research Institute Network (ERIN) Bohol, Philippines
August 9 1st East Asia Energy Forum Bohol, Philippines
August 14 Kick-off Meeting of ASEAN Single Aviation Market (ASAM) Jakarta, Indonesia
August 21 Book Dissemination: Production Networks in Southeast Asia Bangkok, Thailand
August 21-22 ASEAN-China-UNDP Symposium
(Organized by ASEAN Secretariat)
Chiang Rai, Thailand
August 21-25 1st Working Group Meeting for Myanmar Energy Statistic Myanmar
August 24 Public Symposium on 'Building ASEAN: Socio-Cultural Community and Nation Building' Davao, Philippines


DATE Schedule Venue
September 21 Public Symposium on 'ASEAN Economic Community and East Asia Integration and Nation Building' Manila, Philippines

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