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ERIA Calendar FY2015

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January 16The 3rd East Asia Summit Energy Efficiency ConferencePhnom Penh, Cambodia
January 16-17The 1st Technical Workshop of Framing of ASCC Post-2015Jakarta, Indonesia
January 19-20The 1st Technical Workshop of Framing of ASCC Post-2015Jakarta, Indonesia
January 19-20ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2014 in CambodiaPhnom Penh, Cambodia
January 26ERIA Open Seminar 'ASEAN in the Changing Global Economy'Jakarta, Indonesia
January 30ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2014 in Myanmar on HRDYangon, Myanmar
January 31ERIA Capacity Building Seminar 2014 in Myanmar on Urban DevelopmentYangon, Myanmar


February 9-10The 2nd Microdata WorkshopBali, Indonesia
February 12The 2nd WG Meeting for EEITS Project 2014-2015Da Nang, Vietnam
February 13The 2nd WG Meeting for EIPI Project 2014-2015Da Nang, Vietnam
February 19Forum for the Promotion of Public-Private Cooperation in the Mekong RegionTokyo, Japan
February 24-27The 1st Workshop of ERIA-UNCTAD: NTMs in ASEANPhuket, Thailand


March 13Outcome of the 1st WG Meeting: Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Due to DisastersJakarta, Indonesia
March 14-15Outcome of the 1st WG Meeting: Low-Carbon Energy Systems and Regional CooperationJakarta, Indonesia
March 17-19The 9th Annual Empirical Investigations in Trade and Investment (EITI) ConferenceBali, Indonesia
March 25-27The 3rd Meeting of the Working Group for Preparation of Energy Outlooks and Analysis of Energy Saving Potential in East Asia RegionJakarta, Indonesia


April 2The 1st ASEAN-Japan Symposium on Disaster Management 2015. "Building National Resilience in ASEAN Countries: Initiatives of Risk Control through International Cooperation and Technologies"Jakarta, Indonesia
April 11The 2nd WG Meeting on "Study for Building a Guideline and a Cooperative Framework in East Asian Countries in case of Radioactive Emergency"Tokyo, Japan
April 13The 7th Academic Advisory Council (AAC) MeetingJakarta, Indonesia
April 20-21The 2nd Workshop of Regulatory ManagementKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 24-26The 2nd Workshop of "Leveling Up Southeast Asia's Value Added"Tokyo, Japan


May 2-3The 2nd Workshop Social Protection Floor: "Perspective in Developing East Asia"Bangkok, Thailand
May 4Mekong - India Economic Corridor as a Land BridgeBangkok, Thailand
May 4One Year Commemorative Event for MOU between ERIA and OECD: "Inspiring the ASEAN Community toward 2025" SymposiumJakarta, Indonesia
May 16-17ERIA Research Project 2014 Working Group on "Financing Renewable Energy Development in EAS Countries: A Primer of Effective Policy Instruments"Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 20-21The 1st Workshop of Regional Comprehensive Economic PartnershipTokyo, Japan


June 5The 8th Governing Board (GB) MeetingJakarta, Indonesia
June 8-9Greening the Industrial Economies: Corporate Management and Change PathwaysSeoul, South Korea
June 11ERIA-UPH Distinguished Seminar on Agriculture & Food SecurityJakarta, Indonesia
June 29-30The 2nd ERIA Working Group Meeting on Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Due to Natural DisasterSingapore, Singapore


July 11-13The 2nd Working Group Meeting on Low-Carbon Energy Systems and Green Growth: Implications for Regional Economic CooperationBangkok, Rayong, Thailand
July 251st RIN (Research Institute Network) Meeting in FY2015Bangkok, Thailand


August 1-2Final Workshop on Social Protection Floor: "Perspective in Developing East Asia"Chiang Mai, Thailand
August 20-21ERIA-ISEAS Project on SME Participation in East Asian Regional Economic IntegrationSingapore, Singapore
August 22-23The 1st Technical Meeting of ASEAN Maritime Connectivity Study 2015Bali, Indonesia


The 1st Technical Workshop on "RURB (Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens) and Engendering Informed Regulatory Conversations in Priority Integration Sectors in ASEAN"Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The 1st Workshop on Policy Index for Disaster Resilience: Formulating Policy Index for Natural Disaster Resilience in ASEAN Member StatesTokyo, Japan
September 29EAS Regulatory Roundtable IIJakarta, Indonesia


October 16The 6th ASEAN Connectivity Symposium: The Connectivity Agenda for an Integrated ASEAN CommunityKuala Lumpur, Malaysia


November 2-6The 1st Meeting of "Preparation of Energy Statistics and Energy Balance Construction for Setting up of Sustainable Energy Development Plan in Cambodia"Phnom Penh, Cambodia
November 8Survey Workshop Maritime Connectivity in South East Asia: "Its Role and Challenges towards Integration"Bogor, Indonesia
November 16ERIA­ - GOM International Symposium on Stronger ASCC, Closer ASEAN  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 24The Symposium on Building National ResilienceJakarta, Indonesia
November 26Asia Pacific Forum 2015Jakarta, Indonesia
November 27The 1st Working Group Meeting on the study "Institutional Strategy and Economic Impacts by Energy Subsidy Removals"Jakarta, Indonesia


December 3-5The 4th ERIA Editors' RoundtableKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 7The 1st Meeting of "Integrated, Trans-Boundary Energy and Electricity Markets"Singapore, Singapore
December 14The National Policy Dialogue Forum 2015 "Developing an Agricultural Value Chain in Mekong Region"Hanoi, Vietnam
December 15Regional Workshop on the Identification, Collection and Classification of Non-Tariff Measures for ASEAN CountriesYogyakarta, Indonesia
December 18-19The 1st Microdata Project FY2015: "Globalization, Structural Change and Growth"Jakarta, Indonesia

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