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Carbon Neutrality Roadmap of ASEAN Countries

IEEJ will present their analysis on the roadmap for ASEAN countries’ transition to carbon neutrality. Recently, with the COP26 as a trigger, the decarbonisation movement is spreading not only across developed countries but also to many other countries including the ASEAN region, and some ASEAN countries have declared carbon neutrality by the mid of this century. Such highly ambitious GHG emissions reductions require a fundamental transformation of energy systems. At the same time, the energy transition cannot be accomplished with a uniform measure. In particular, the ASEAN countries are still highly dependent on fossil fuels and experiencing high economic and energy demand growth. Given these circumstances, the study aims to quantitatively describe the pathway of energy transition necessary to realise carbon neutrality in ASEAN countries by using a cost-optimal technology selection model. The IEEJ conducted this study together with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), and fully discussed the outcomes with each of the ASEAN countries to reflect their views and realities.

The IEA is also expected to release its ASEAN Energy Outlook soon. It is our privilege that Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist, the IEA will participate in this webinar as a commentator in the panel discussion.


  • Toshiyuki Sakamoto, Board Member, Director, IEEJ
  • Soichi Morimoto, Senior Researcher, Climate Change Group, IEEJ
  • Yuji Mizuno, Chief Researcher, CCUS Group, IEEJ

Guest Commentator

Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist, IEA


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31 May 2022





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