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The 1st ASEAN - Japan Symposium on Disaster Management

The 1st ASEAN - Japan Symposium on Disaster Management


Disaster management towards national resilience is one of the major challenges for ASEAN and broader ASEAN to ensure the stable and sustainable economic development in the region. In fact, as ASEAN as a unity increases its impact in the world economy, the importance of building resilience towards various types of disasters such as natural disasters, technological disasters, economic disasters etc. in ASEAN has been increasing. The series of symposia aims to raise awareness about national resilience among the government officials and related organizations engaged in the economic and disaster management policies in the region and to share experiences and best practices on cooperation in this field through the discussion about (1) national resilience and disaster management policy, (2) risk control through technologies and international cooperation, (3) impact of disasters on supply chain network and the effect of risk finance.


Resilient social infrastructure development and preventive investment increase the quality of development itself as well as capability of disaster prevention and mitigation. It means addressing national resilience is considered to bring positive impact to the social and economic activities in a community/region. Development of cooperative relationship among the members of the community such as G to G, G to B, B to B etc. is also vital factor of achievement of the national resilient. This particular session in Indonesia aims to share experience and the latest information on disaster management with officials of Japanese and Indonesian government and related organizations in Indonesia and ASEAN to encourage building effective policies towards resilient ASEAN against disasters.


The 1st ASEAN - Japan Symposium on Disaster Management


Starting Date

02 April 2015

End Date

02 April 2015


Sumba Room, 3rd Floor, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Contact Info
phone: +6221 5797 4460

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