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ERIA Calendar FY2011

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April 4,2011ERIA ADBI Joint WorkshopERIA
April 10,20113rd Workshop on FTA StocktakingTokyo, Japan
April 15-16,2011ASEAN Economic Community Council MeetingJakarta, Indonesia
April 19,2011Workshop on Social Protection "Impacts of Conditional Cash Transfers o Growth, Income Distribution and Poverty in Selected ASEAN CountriesERIA
April 25,20113rd ERIA Academic Advisory Council MeetingERIA


May 2,2011ERIA-DEPTAG-MoCSME Symposium on Towards a People-Centered ASEAN Community: Strengthening SMEs in ASEAN"Jakarta,Indonesia
May 6,2011Preparatory Meeting of ASEAN Economic MinistersJakarta,Indonesia
May 14-15,20112nd Workshop on AEC Scorecard Phase TwoSeam Reap, Cambodia
May 22-23,20112nd CADP Workshop & Open Dialogue with India RepresentativesNew Delhi, India
May 30-31,2011Workshop on 13th Biodiesel StandarizationBankok, Thailand


June 3,20114th ERIA Governing Board MeetingJakarta,Indonesia
June 14,2011Workshop on 28th ASEAN SME AgenciesSingapore
June 20-21,20112nd Workshop on 2nd Energy Market IntegrationJakarta,Indonesia
June 21-26,2011ASEAN Senior Economic Officials Meeting 3/42Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
June 24,2011Workshop on Towards Accessible FTAsERIA
June 25,20113rd Workshop on FTA StocktakingERIA
June 25,2011Brown Bag Lunch Meeting on Asia Pacific Perspectives of FTAs by Dr. Kenichi Kawasaki, Consulting Fellow of RIETIERIA


July 1,20112nd Meeting of the ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating CommitteeMedan, Indonesia
July 27-28,201120th ASEAN HLTF Meeting on Economic IntegrationJakarta,Indonesia


August 9-13,201143rd ASEAN Economic Ministers MeetingManado,Indonesia
August 20,2011ERIA Regional Institute Network MeetingBangkok, Thailand
August 21,20111st Workshop on Comprehensive Mapping of FTAs in ASEAN and East AsiaBangkok,Thailand
August 22-23,20111st Workshop on Energy Saving PotentialLao PDR
August 24,20111st EAS Energy Efficiency ConferenceLao PDR
August 25-26,201116th EAS-ECTF MeetingLao PDR


September 5-14,2011ERIA/JENESYS Internship Two-week Program for 2011Jakarta,Indonesia
September 13,2011ASEAN-Keidanren-JICA Symposium on ASEAN Connectivity:Sharing Prosperity between ASEAN and JapanTokyo,Japan
September 14-15,2011Final Workshop on AEC Scorecard Phase TwoBali, Indonesia
September 15-16,20111st Workshop on AEC Blueprint Mid Term Review ProjectBali,Indonesia
September 20,2011ERIA-CIEM Workshop on Socializing AEC Scorecard & AEC Mid Term ReviewHanoi, Vietnam
September 20,2011EAS Energy Ministers MeetingBrunei Darussalam
September 23,2011ERIA CLMV Seminar in MyanmarNayPyiTaw,Myanmar


October 3,2011ASEAn Industrial Human Resources Development Seminar by APEN and ERIAERIA
October 7,2011ERIA CLMV Seminar in Lao PDRVientiane,Lao PDR
October 10,2011ERIA CLMV Seminar in CambodiaPhnom Penh,Cambodia
October 14,2011Workshop on Energy Security IndexERIA
October 17,20111st Workshop on SMEs Phase ThreeERIA
October 31 - 1 November,2011GOI-ERIA-Harvard Symposium on Moving ASEAN Community Forward into 2015 and BeyondJakarta,Indonesia


November 1,2011GOI-ERIA-Harvard Symposium on Moving ASEAN Community Forward into 2015 and BeyondJakarta,Indonesia
November 5-6,20111st Technical Workshop on PPP Study in ASEAN Country MembersJakarta,Indonesia
November 8-9,2011DEPLU-ERIA Symposium on Facilitating ASEAN ConnectivityBali,Indonesia
November 17-19,201119th ASEAN Summit and Related SummitsBali,Indonesia
November 21-25,2011Bangkok Intensive Workshop for Vietnam Official (Capacity Building FY2011)Bangkok,Thailand
November 24-25,20111st Technical Meeting on AEC as a Global Services HubSiem Reap,Cambodia


December 7-8,2011Workshop on Healthcare ICT Policy for ASEAN and East Asian CountriesERIA
December 8-9,20111st Workshop on ERIA Study on Asian Potential of Biofuel MarketsERIA
December 17-18,20111st Workshop on MicrodataERIA
December 19-20,20111st Workshop on Social Safety Net & Disaster ManagementERIA


January 7,2012Technical Meeting MTR Project WorkshopBrunei Darussalam
January 14,2012ERIA Research Institute Network MeetingPhuket,Thailand
January 16-17,2012ASEAN Senior Economic Officials Meeting 1/43Siem Reap,Cambodia
January 21,20122nd Workshop on FTA Comparison Phse-TwoERIA
January 21,20122nd Workshop on FTA Comparison Phse-TwoERIA


February 1,2012ERIA Regional Network Forum in FukuokaFukuoka,Japan
February 3,2012ERIA Asia Cosmopolitan Awards Forum in NaraNara, Japan
February 3-4,20122nd Workshop of Developing AEC into Global Services HubYogyakarta, Indonesia
February 5,20121st Workshop on Energy Market Integration in East Asia Summit RegionERIA
February 9-11,20122nd Technical Meeting of MTR ProjectERIA
February 13-14,20122nd Technical Workshop on PPP Study in ASEAN Member CountriesManila,Philippines
February 16-17,20121st Workshop of Implementing Master Plan on ASEAN Connecivity: Enhancing Institutional ConnectivityPhnom Penh,Cambodia
February 24-25,20122nd Workshop of Microdata FY2011Phuket,Thailand


March 12,20123rd PPP WorkshopERIA
Month 21-22,2012ERIA-BIMP EAGA Joint Workshop on Potential Development to Promote Connectivity in BIMP-EAGAJerudong, Brunei Darussalam
March 26-29,2012Workshop on Energy Saving PotentialBeijing,China

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