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Sustainable Development of Natural Gas Market in East Asia Summit Region

Sustainable Development of Natural Gas Market in  East Asia Summit Region


The role of natural gas in energy supply is increasing in the East Asia Summit (EAS) region where energy demands are steadily growing. The driving factors of this trend include the effective use of domestic resource, diversification of energy source, and reducing environmental load. At the same time, rising import dependency of natural gas supply is seen in many member courtiers, which is casting energy security concern.

As such, there is a need to implement necessary and appropriate policy measures that can respond to this changing natural gas supply-demand structure. What will be required to achieve sustainable development of natural gas market, and thus, contribute to the economic growth of the region and of the countries? It is our hope that this study succeeds in finding and presenting some clues to answer this important and difficult question.

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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Natural Gas Outlook in the East Asia Summit Region

Chapter 3. Natural Gas Investment in the East Asia Summit Region

Chapter 4. Flexibility in the International Gas Trade

Chapter 5. Policy Recommendations


23 September 2015


Energy , Environment and Climate Change , Investment


Ichiro Kutani, Shimpei Yamamoto, Shigeru Kimura, Phoumin Han, Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Yanfei Li, Wang Yue, Patuan Alfon Simanjuntak, Tetsuo Morikawa, Ayako Sugino, Naoki Okubo, Sanae Kurita, Moe Thu Aung, Jesus T. Tamang, Xunpeng Shi


Ichiro Kutani, Yanfei Li

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