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11th Asia-Pacific Eco-Business Forum in Kawasaki

11th Asia-Pacific Eco-Business Forum in Kawasaki

The City of Kawasaki, based on its experiences in reducing pollution and in accumulating excellent energy and environmental technology, has been promoting international contributions for the rapidly industrializing cities of developing countries to build a sustainable development model of industrial harmony.

As an occasion to share information on the cutting-edge energy and environmental technologies and to promote trust among participating countries, the 11th Asia-Pacific Eco-Business Forum was held concurrently with the Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2015. About 30 policy makers, business sector representatives, and academics from 13 countries in the region participated in the forum and shared their experiences in building low-carbon societies and sustainable eco-industry development.

'Kawasaki city harnessed the joint efforts of government, private enterprises, and local residents to overcome the environmental problems in the 1960s. But in the 1990s, new types of urban development challenges arose in which citizens were both victims and the cause - air pollution caused by car exhaust, global warming, and an increase in waste disposal. We improved the quality of them, considering recycling as the same as manufacturing and new industries born,' said Mr. Norihiko Fukuda in his welcome address. Dr. Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, senior economist at ERIA, made a presentation on policy measures being adopted by emerging economies in Asia on low-carbon development and sound material recycling societies. Sharing the results of recent ERIA studies, he emphasized the need for regional cooperation and B2B partnerships to diffuse environmental and energy-saving technologies. The participants also visited a recycling industry facility and neighborhood association to learn about garbage treatment and correct sorting of recyclable items, respectively.


16 February 2015



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