Past Events

September 2020

10 September 2020 The Energy Situation in ASEAN Post Covid-19 - Online Workshop Virtual Room Ms Tri Muliani Malik
03 September 2020 ERIA MSMEs Webinar Talk #4 - Women Entrepreneurs Amidst COVID-19 – Boom or Bane? Virtual Room Ms Lina Maulidina
03 September 2020 'ASEAN on Point' Public Forum #1 - Ensuring the Resilience and Sustainability of the Agriculture and Food Sector in ASEAN in the context of COVID-19 Virtual Room Ms Isabella Italia

August 2020

12 August 2020 Economic Impact of COVID-19 in ASEAN: Perspectives from Four Countries Virtual Room Ms Lina Maulidina
07 August 2020 India-Myanmar Convergence Virtual Room Ms Monde Maharani

July 2020

31 July 2020 Announcement of the Winners of Healthy Aging Prize for Asian Innovation Virtual Room Mr Sota Machida
30 July 2020 ERIA MSMEs Webinar Talk #3- Overcoming GVC Disruptions – Thinking Out of the Box Virtual Room Ms Lina Maulidina
24 July 2020 Challenges and Prospects for Energy Connectivity in the COVID-19 Era Virtual Room Ms Abigail Balthazar
15 July 2020 ERIA's Virtual Forum on 'Fostering Regulatory Cooperation through Implementation of Good Regulatory Practices (GRP) Principles in ASEAN: Sharing of Experiences and Best Practices' Virtual Room Ms Tia Darmayanti
09 July 2020 ERIA MSMEs Webinar Talk #2: Riding on the E-Commerce Bandwagon: Now or Never? – Perspectives from ASEAN MSMEs Virtual Room Ms Lina Maulidina
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