Lurong Chen

Lurong Chen



• International Economics
• Asian Regionalism
• GVCs and Production Sharing
• Trade in Services
• EU-Asia Relations
• Digital Economy



PhD ( Economics)
The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IUHEI)
University of Geneva, Switzerland


DEA (International Economics)
The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IUHEI)
University of Geneva, Switzerland


Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
Xiamen University, China



Research Fellow
The United Nations University - Institute of Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS), Bruges, Belgium


Project Coordinator
PHT Corporation Sàrl, Geneva, Switzerland


Risk Analyst
Cargill International, Geneva, Switzerland


Investment Policy Consultant
Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau, The Municipal Government of Xiamen City, China


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Chen, L. & P. De Lombaerde (2013). China moving up the value chain: What can be learned from the Asian NICs? International Area Studies Review, Vol. 16(4): 407-430.

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Chen, L., Cuzvers, L., De Lombaerde, P. & W. Kusumaningtias (2011). An ASEAN-EU FTA, regional production sharing, and regional cohesion. Focus on Cambodia, Laos And Myanmar. South African Journal of Economics, Vol. 79: 411-427.

Chen, L. & P. De Lombaerde (2010). The crisis in the U.S. and the future of East Asian production sharing. The Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies, Vol. 2(1): 91-108.


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