Ongoing Research Projects

Towards Improved Regulatory Governance and Coherence in the ASEAN: Logistics Sector and Trade Facilitation December 2012 -
Coherence of Macroeconomic Policies in ASEAN Members: Empirical Investigation of Experiences in 2000-2010 October 2012 -
Comprehensive Mapping of FTAs in ASEAN and East Asia Phase 2 June 2011 -
Geographical Simulation Analyses for Eliminating the Infrastructure Bottlenecks toward the Balanced Growth in East Asia (IDE/ERIA-GSM Project) August 2012 -
Innovation Between and Within Supply Chain: Empirical Study of Tracing Local and Global Production-Knowledge Network in East Asia August 2012 -
Global Production Networks and Host-Site Industrial Upgrading: Evidence from Car, Clothes and Semiconductor Firms in ASEAN and China August 2012 -
Public Private Partnership in ASEAN Member Countries Phase 2: Institutional Assessment to Develop Public Private Partnership System in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Myanmar September 2012 -
Enhancing Supply Chain Connectivity and Competitiveness of ASEAN Agriculture Products: Identifying Chokepoints and Opportunities for Improvement November 2012 -
Success Cases of Japanese SMEs in IP Commercialization in the Creative Industry Applicable to ASEAN December 2012 -
Study on the Standard Distribution Infrastructure in the East-Asia Region in the Field of Consumer Goods Distribution for Retailers/Wholesalers October 2012 -
Economic Impact Evaluation of Investments on the Energy Savings and Low-carbon Emitting Technologies in East Asia October 2012 -
Policy on Disaster Prevention and Reduction for Industrial Parks in East Asia October 2012 -
Social Security System and Fiscal Policy in China, India, and Indonesia October 2012 -
Application of the ERIA WG Methodology to Evaluate Sustainability of Biomass Utilization for Energy and Materials October 2012 -
Benchmarking of Biodiesel Fuel Standardization in East Asia October 2012 -
Energy Efficiency Roadmap Formulation in East Asia July 2012 -
The Jakarta Framework January 2013 -

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