Border Area Development in the GMS:Turning the Periphery into the Center of Growth

By Toshihiro KUDO

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-15

Posted: May, 2009

The Comprehensive Asia Development Plan


ERIA Research Project Report 2009-7-1

Posted: October, 2010

Geographical Simulation Analysis for Logistic Enhancement in East Asia

By Satoru Kumagai, Toshitaka Gokan, Ikumo Isono, Kazunobu Hayakawa, Souknilanh Keola (Eds.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2009-7-2

Posted: March, 2010

A Study on Upgrading Industrial Structure of CLMV Countries

By Ruth Banomyong, Masami Ishida (Eds.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2009-7-3

Posted: March, 2010

Development of China's Transportation Infrastructure and International Connectivity

By Zhang Yunling (Ed.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2009-7-5

Posted: March, 2010

Why Is the East Asia Industrial Corridor Needed?


ERIA Policy Brief 2009-01

Posted: January, 2009

Development of Regional Production and Logistic Networks in East Asia

By Kitti Limskul (Ed.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2008-4-1

Posted: March, 2009

Mekong India Economic Corridor Development

By ERIA Teams

ERIA Research Project Report 2008-4-2

Posted: March, 2009

International Infrastructure Development in East Asia - Towards Balanced Regional Development and Integration -

By Nagesh Kumar (Ed.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2007-2

Posted: March, 2008

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