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Updated: December 26, 2012

Geographical Simulation Analyses for Eliminating the Infrastructure Bottlenecks toward the Balanced Growth in East Asia (IDE/ERIA-GSM Project)



August 7, 2012


Geographical Simulation Model (GSM) has been developed by ERIA and IDE-JETRO since 2007 and now GSM becomes a useful tool of policy analysis. It is possible to predict impact of various physical and institutional integration measures on the concerned regions at the sub-national level. IDE/ERIA-GSM is virtually only economic model that can predict economic impacts of various economic integration measures at the sub-national level for East Asia. This year, geographical coverage will be extended by incorporating 150+ countries all over the world into the model. In addition to that, a more 'scenario centric' project than previous years will be conducted, because GSM model is now matured to a certain level that can be enough reliable to derive more concrete policy recommendations. The model continue to be refined, extended its geographic coverage: and emphasis will be more put on policy-oriented research. Other than the analyses on existing international or national projects, brand-new development projects will be proposed from the analyses using GSM, since there might be potentially important development ideas that are not officially recognized at this moment.

Project Leader

Mr. Satoru Kumagai, IDE-JETRO

Project Coordinator

Dr. Kenmei Tsubota, IDE-JETRO

Mr. Ikumo Isono, ERIA

Project Member

Dr. Kazunobu Hayakawa, JETRO Bangkok

Dr. Toshitaka Gokan, IDE-JETRO

Mr. Keola Souknilanh, IDE-JETRO

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