Energy Outlook and Energy Saving Potential in East Asia

By Shigeru Kimura and Han Phoumin

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-33

Posted: September, 2015

Market-Based Mechanisms to Promote Renewable Energy in Asia

By Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Alex Bowen, Puthusserikunnel Devasia Jose

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-30

Posted: April, 2015

Low Carbon Green Growth in Asia: What is the Scope for Regional Cooperation?

By Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-29

Posted: April, 2015

Study on International Cooperation on Nuclear Safety Management in East and Southeast Asian Countries

By Yanfei Li and Tomoko Murakami

ERIA Research Project Report 2013-25

Posted: December, 2014

Study on Asian Potential of Biofuel Market

By Kaoru Yamaguchi

ERIA Research Project Report 2013-20

Posted: November, 2014

Study on the Development of an Energy Security Index and An Assessment of Energy Security Policy for East Asian Countries

By Ichiro Kutani

ERIA Research Project Report 2013-24

Posted: October, 2014

Impact of International Oil Price Shocks on Consumption Expenditures in ASEAN and East Asia

By Dayong Zhang and David C. Broadstock

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-24

Posted: November, 2014

Enhanced Measurement of Energy Market Integration in East Asia: An Application of Dynamic Principal Component Analysis

By Dandan Zhang, Xunpeng Shi, and Yu Sheng

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-23

Posted: November, 2014

Deregulation, Competition, and Market Integration in China's Electricity Sector

By Yanrui Wu

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-22

Posted: November, 2014

Infrastructure Investment for Power Trade and Transmission in ASEAN+2: Costs, Benefits, Long-Term Contracts, and Prioritised Development

By Yanfei Li and Youngho Chang

ERIA Discussion Paper 2014-21

Posted: November, 2014

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