ASEAN Economic Community

Towards a Truly Seamless Single Windows and Trade Facilitation Regime in ASEAN Beyond 2015

By Jonathan Koh and Andrea Feldman Mowerman

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-29

Posted: November, 2013

Stimulating Innovation in ASEAN Institutional Support, R&D Activity and Intellectual Property Rights

By Rajah Rasiah

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-28

Posted: November, 2013

Financial Integration Challenges in ASEAN beyond 2015

By Maria Monica Wihardja

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-27

Posted: November, 2013

Who Disseminates Technology to Whom, How, and Why: Evidence from Buyer-Seller Business Networks

By Tomohiro Machikita and Yasushi Ueki

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-26

Posted: November, 2013

Reconstructing the Concept of "Single Market and Production Base" for ASEAN beyond 2015

By Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-25

Posted: October, 2013

Streamlining NTMs in ASEAN: The Way Forward

By Olvier Cadot, Ernawati Munadi, Lili Yan Ing

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-24

Posted: October, 2013

Toward a Single Aviation Market in ASEAN: Regulatory Reform and Industry Challenges

By Alan Khee-Jin Tan

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-22

Posted: October, 2013

Moving MPAC Forward: Strengthening Public-Private Partnership, Improving Project Portfolio and in Search of Practical Financing Schemes

By Hisanobu Shishido, Shintaro Sugiyama, Fauziah Zen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-21

Posted: October, 2013

Thought/Issues Paper on ASEAN Food Security: Towards a more Comprehensive Framework

By Barry Desker, Mely Caballero-Anthony, Paul Teng

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-20

Posted: October, 2013

Making Myanmar the Star Growth Performer in ASEAN in the Next Decade: A Proposal of Five Growth Strategies

By Toshihiro Kudo, Satoru Kumagai, So Umezaki

ERIA Discussion Paper 2013-19

Posted: September, 2013

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