Research Project Reports

The Comprehensive Asia Development Plan


ERIA Research Project Report 2009-7-1

Posted: October 2010

List of Project Members

Professor Fukunari Kimura: Chief Economist, ERIA.

Dr. Ponciano S. Intal, Jr. : Senior Researcher, ERIA.

Mr. So Umezaki: Researcher, ERIA.

Dr. Misa Okabe: Associate Researcher, ERIA.

Full Report




Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Conceptual Framework

Chapter 2. Assessment of the Current East Asian Economies

Chapter 3.Three Tiers of Development Strategies

Chapter 4. Economic Assessment of the CADP-The Geographical Simulation Model

Chapter 5. Financial Project Design and Public-Private Partnership

Chapter 6. Prospective projects for Logistics and Economic Infrastructure

Appendix 1. A Long List of Prospective Projects For Logistics and Economic Infrastructure

Appendix 2. ERIA Pre-F/S Pilot Projects in FY2009


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