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Study on the Development Potential of the Content Industry in East Asia and the ASEAN Region

By Sirisak Koshpasharin and Kensuke Yasue

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-13

Posted: March, 2014

ASEAN SME Policy Index 2014 Towards Competitive and Innovative ASEAN SMEs

By ERIA SME Research Working Group

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-8

Posted: June, 2014

Study on the Strategic Usage of Coal in the EAS Region

By Hironobu Oshima

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-27

Posted: June, 2013

Study on Asia Potential of Biofuel Market

By Kaoru Yamaguchi

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-25

Posted: June, 2013

Dynamics of Firm Selection Process in Globalized Economies

By Chin Hee Hahn and Dionisius A. Narjoko

ERIA Research Project Report 2011-3

Posted: May, 2012

Study on the Development of an Energy Security Index and an Assessment of Energy Security for East Asian Countries

By Ichiro Kutani

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-24

Posted: June, 2013

The Road to Bali: ERIA Perspectives on the WTO Ministerial and Asian Integration

By Yoshifumi Fukunaga, John Riady, Pierre Sauvé

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-31

Posted: November, 2013

Energy Market Integration in East Asia: Renewable Energy and its Deployment into the Power System

By Fukunari Kimura, Han Phoumin, Brett Jacobs

ERIA Research Project Report 2012-26

Posted: August, 2013

Extending the ERIA WG Methodology for Sustainability Assessment of Biomass Utilization in East Asian Countries

By ERIA Working Group on “Sustainability Assessment of Biomass Utilization in East Asia”

ERIA Research Project Report 2011-19

Posted: February, 2013

Economic and Welfare Impacts of Disasters in East Asia and Policy Responses

By Yasuyuki Sawada and Sothea Oum

ERIA Research Project Report 2011-08

Posted: December, 2012

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